News of a Beyonce baby bump began circulating again today...but it's not what you think. The singer is not pregnant again, but she is exposing her bump from baby Blue Ivy!

A teaser video for Beyonce's HBO documentary special was released today (which also happens to be Jay-Z's birthday), and it gives fans an inside look to her chaotic and action packed life.

"I always battled with how much do I reveal about myself," Beyonce says in a voice over for the 25 second trailer.

Within that brief video, fans get a peak at her life backstage, her life onstage, and her life before she even hit the stage. But probably the biggest moment of that 25 second trailer occurs around the 17 second mark when viewers get a peek of the conspiracy packed baby bump. Lifting her shirt up to expose her growing belly, Beyonce finally put rumors to rest that the bump was fake and Blue Ivy was actually delivered via surrogate.

Rumors of a fake baby bump began circulating after the singer appeared on a talk show. When she went to sit down her stomach appeared to fold up and pop back up. Last October her rep denied the insinuations, telling news outlets that the claims of a prosthetic belly were "stupid, ridiculous and false."

[Click HERE to watch a video of the folding belly.]

The Beyonce Documentary Special for HBO airs on February 16, 2012, but you can watch the trailer video (and catch Beyonce's baby bump) below!