Are Beyoncé's GQ pictures photoshopped? The sexy cover photo leaked online earlier this week and fans are wondering whether the magazine did a little more than touch up the star's booty and thighs.

Digital tabloid MediaTakeOut was one the first media outlets to air the rumor that Beyoncé GQ cover picture may have been photoshopped (as well as the photos inside the magazine, which leaked soon afterward).

"The rest of the Beyoncé GQ pics are released. And the streets are whispering that Bey's body looks a little FRAUDULENT in these pics," the gossip site claimed in an article titled "FAKE CAKES??? We've got the REST OF The Beyonce GQ Pics... She's Practically NEKKID... But Her Hips Look Very Suspicious!!!"

MTO's readers seem to agree with the rumor that Beyoncé's GQ pictures were photoshopped.

"That's cuz they are!" wrote a user calling themselves KICKROCKZ. "Look at the second pic where she's singing. Her thighs are thick and touching. There's no way she'd have a gap like that. Photoshop is for liars."

"It look okay to me, but I wouldn't doubt it if it was PHOTOSHOP'd a bit ...." wrote MsReneeAllDay.

"Computer graphics since the surgery isn't that good yet," wrote sittin_here.

"Shut up MTO ... Beyoncé looks gorgeous as always ..." argued dontstopthemusic.

MTO readers continue to attack the website for attacking Beyoncé over the photoshopped GQ pictures until the tabloid finally responded:

"January 09, 2013: We'd like to apologize to Beyoncé, her family, friends and her fans for ever doubting that she was the BADDEST CHICA in the Universe. We beg your forgiveness, and we'll never make the same mistake again.

"Warmest regards, MTO STAF"

The Improper also reported on the Beyoncé GQ photoshopped picture rumors, publishing a story earlier today titled "Was Beyoncé Photoshopped For GQ's Sexiest 21sth Century Women Cover."

"Beyoncé has landed on the cover of GQ magazine's "100 Sexiest Women of the 21st Century" issue, beating out sex sirens like Megan Fox, Kate Upton and Mila Kunis. The only question is how much was Bey photoshopped to trim her post-baby curves?"

The online news site notes that Beyoncé's thighs looked particularly thin considering that she gave birth just a year ago, but added "Bey has always been bootilicious to begin with."

"Of course, the question isn't was Beyoncé photoshopped, but by how much," a staff writer explained. "It's almost a given that magazine art directors can't leave well enough alone when it comes to cover images... [but] digital alteration of the image, however, looks like it was pretty light."

The article concluded that Beyoncé almost definitely got "some help around her waist and probably her thighs. Both look like they were trimmed to accentuatue her shape and give her a leaner look."

The Beyoncé GQ cover picture was taken by controversial celebrity photographer Terry Richardson, according to Complex.

Improper's readers were divided over whether the Beyoncé GQ cover picture was photoshopped.

"Yes, she was photoshopped to death and dare I say more white," wrote user Muffy. "Beyoncé has a nice shape, but it's a pear shape, not slim and tall. Her real shape is better. She looks like a white chick from head to toe."

"Although I believe photoshop happens, this doesn't really look photoshopped" argued Wennie. "Beyoncé always had banging abs and sculpted thighs. Now that she is putting out an album, looks like she's been hitting the gym. She's still young and active -- so I say photoshop is minimal here if any at all!"

On Twitter, Beyoncé fans and haters also argued over whether the GQ cover picture and inside photos were photoshopped.

"Somebody tell me why GQ photoshopped Beyoncé into a white woman. Or why every magazine ever gotta photoshop her into a white woman," tweeted P. ‏@peterbruh.

"Beyoncé my oh my ... This is the real pic too not no photoshop mumbo jumbo," tweeted dairy ‏@THOROUGHDairY.

"Appears GQ have changed the shape of Beyoncé's thighs and made her skin mega pale. Who on earth thinks it's necessary photoshop Beyoncé?" tweeted Rowena Ball ‏@missrowenaball.

"Beyoncé's legs look super weird in her GQ photoshoot. Photoshop dude should be fired. Just saying," tweeted Seumia ‏@_ElHanem.

Did GQ photoshop the Beyonce cover picture?

Yes, but you can't improve on perfection!

Yes, and she looks much better.

No way, jose.

No, but they should have.

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