With the release of the iOS 6.1 untethered evasi0n jailbreak by the evad3rs dev team, each day we are seeing more and more of our favorite tweaks and winterboard themes in Cydia being updated to accommodate the new iOS 6 as well as the iPhone 5.

Here are five themes, some old and some new, which have recently seen updates or are making their debut on Cydia's tweak/app store this week. Enjoy!

iOS 6 Cydia Winterboard Themes [Updated]

Aesthetic i5

This iOS 6 jailbreak theme by Jose Paz (@JPazgraphics) is brand new to the Cydia tweak/theme store and crisp clean look with octagon shaped apps. A nice simple theme that offers a little something different and supports the latest iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak and is just $2.99 in the Cydia store.

Aesthetic Cydia Theme

Aesthetic Cydia Theme 2 Aesthetic i5 Cydia Theme --Photo: Cydia

Andro HD

This is something about this iOS 6 Jailbreak winterboard theme I really like. Andro HD by Schnedi is making its debut this week on Cydia's tweak store and is a full-featured theme with an interactive lockscreen, an Auxo theme and all stock icons. The author is also working on changes for Siri, color keyboard, widgets and more. This is a nice theme and won't take long to become a favorite with users. It is available for iOS 6x users and just $2.50 in the Cydia store. Try it out today!

Andro HD Cydia Tweaks Theme Andro HD--Photo: Cydia

ArterDex v2

Another really nice Cydia winterboard theme by the creator of byCon2, Cirrus v2 and a number of other popular themes is ArterDex v2. This is a complete, ioS 5x and iOS 6x compatible theme for iPhone 3GS through iPhone 5 and includes theming for ColorKeyboard, NC, Status Bar and more as well as theming for over 40 icons, including stock. The app is $2.20 in the Cydia store.


ArterDex v2 Photo: Cydia

ShadowLit HD iP5

This Cydia theme by DemoneLatino is basically self-explanatory, the apps come with custom shadowing that makes apps "glow" as well as the edges of the lockscreen, giving the theme a kind of moody feel. This theme is not for everyone but definitely a cool idea. The winterboard theme has been recently optimized for use with the iPhone 5 and iOS 6x and can be found in the Cydia store for $2.30

ShadowLit HD 4 ShadowLit HD 4 -- Photo:Cydia

4 Real [HD] iOS 6 Add On

This is a very sleek and classy theme by Sanady361 and has been created to support the iPhone 5 and the iOS 6x jailbreak. The winterboard theme contains over 2,000 custom images and includes extras like SBSettings, ColorKeyboard, Zepplin, BytaFnt Minimal Clock and much more. A great theme for those who like a professional look on their device. The iOS 6 add on is free but requires the original theme 4 Real HD which is just $2.99 in the Cydia tweak/app store.

4 Real HD 4 Real HD --Photo: Cydia

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