Being new to the jailbreak community I am daily amazed at the new and unique tweaks and themes cropping up in the Cydia Store each week, optimized for the iOS 5 or iOS 6 jailbreak. This week has been no exception, as browsing the Cydia "changes" section I've noticed a number of neat additions. Some of you may not had as much time on your hands to scan to read all the changes that have occurred in the Jailbreak tweak and theme store, so I'm trying my best to run out a list every few days or so of the latest iOS 5 or 6 tweaks on Cydia.

Here are the latest new additions to Cydia's tweak/app store between Feb. 25 through 27. Enjoy!

"My Vibe" New Cydia Store Jailbreak Tweak "My Vibe" New Cydia Store Jailbreak Tweak -- PHOTO:Cydia

My vibe is a brand new tweak by developer Evan Coleman, maker of numerous tweaks such as NO Lockscreen Camera, No Dock Reflections, Speed For Maps and Compass for Maps. This tweak is pretty cool, as it disables vibrating when your phone is placed on a flat surface like a table. It can also be configured to enable "Do Not Disturb" when placed upside down on a flat surface. For those who spend a lot of time in meetings or classes where a sudden telephone call renders a pretty embarrassing situation, this is a perfect app to have installed. Priced at just $1.99 in the Cydia tweak store, this app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch but requires user have the iOS 6x jailbreak.

AutoResponder 2 (iOS 6 ) New Cydia Store Jailbreak Tweak --PHOTO: Cammy H. AutoResponder 2 (iOS 6 ) New Cydia Store Jailbreak Tweak --PHOTO: Cammy H.

A new app optimized for the iOS 6x jailbreak, AutoResponder 2 is quite frankly a must on my iPhone 5. For those who like the auto respond option for phone calls on iOS 6, this is a relative of sorts that allows users to program auto responses to text messages. This tweak is perfect as it allows you to stay focused on what matter without leaving your iMessage friends feeling dissed. The tweak is just $1.50 in the Cydia store and definitely one worth installing.


This tweak falls right in line with the previous two for auto setting your device to behave like you want it to. Really simple but useful ShakeAir allows you to shake your device and enable airplane mode.

"LivePapers" New Cydia Store Jailbreak Tweak 2013 -- PHOTO: Cydia "LivePapers" New Cydia Store Jailbreak Tweak 2013 -- PHOTO: Cydia

A brand new and really amazing innovation in the Cydia store, LivePapers allows users to place an animated wallpaper as the background on their iDevice. Compatible with both iOS 5x and 6x jailbreaks, pretty much everyone who has used it is raving about it. Though there are only a few LivePapers to choose from, I imagine we can expect to see a lot more popping up on Cydia very soon. Definitely worth trying for a novel and uniquely jailbroken theme.

This is a cool jailbreak tweak/app based off the older version Signal and created by evad3rs jailbreak dev. team member @planetbeing himself! The tweak is unique in that it allows users to view a Google maps display of all the cell phone towers your device is connected to as well as give you detail information from the baseband. Information encompasses things like if you are connected to a LTE and includes a nice interface legend of colors for kinds of towers (i.e. visible, connected, previously seen, unlocateable) The tweak is 3.99 in the Cydia tweak/app store and fully optimized for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5.

"IPActivator" New Cydia Store Jailbreak Tweak "IPActivator" New Cydia Store Jailbreak Tweak 2013 -- PHOTO: Cydia

A very simple tweak by magno2o but one I think some would find useful. Basically this tweak does exactly what it says. It allows, through an assigned gesture in Activator, for users to have their current IP address displayed on the screen. Nothing super exciting but it is functional and may be something you were looking for to optimize your iOS 5, 6 jailbroken device. This tweak is free and available in Cydia's tweak/app store.

"PageJumps" New Cydia Store Jailbreak Tweak 2013 "PageJumps" New Cydia Store Jailbreak Tweak 2013 -- PHOTO: Cydia

PageJumps is a simple and free tweak that allows you to "Jump" from one springboard page to another based on the number. This tweak comes to us from RiDan, creator of ExPDF and DreamSound and for those who aren't a fan of multiple swipes this could come in good use thought personally I've no issues with swiping. Still for those who enjoy "speed dial" it may be a feature you want. When you download this tweak it places numbers like a telephone keyboard on your springboard, each number corresponding with your ordered springboard pages, with "0" being the search page, "1" your homescreen and so on.

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