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Waiting for our favorite Cydia aps/tweaks to receive an update and become compatible with our new iOS 6 jailbreak can be slightly annoying but thankfully it seems a ton of developers are at work updating and optimizing their Cydia tweaks and themes to accommodate the new evsi0n jailbreak.

Today I discovered some more incredibly simple yet functional tweaks which have recently been updated to support iOS 6x jailbreaks. The app is compatible on all iOS 6 devices such as the iPhone 5 with the exception of the iPad. Definitely check them out, and if it sounds like something you are looking for, head on over to the Cydia app/tweak store to download them today.

Newly Updated iOS 6 Cydia Tweaks:

Tap To Remind

This new iOS 6 only Cydia tweak may seem simple in nature but to me it's quite brilliant. With the "Tap to Remind" tweak, basically you can quickly and easily set up reminders for yourself right from your notification center. Found in the same location as the "tap to tweet" button in notifications, this new tweak makes it easy to post reminders to yourself with a simple tap of the button. Definitely a cool and usable tweak. The developer does note, however, that the tweak seems to conflict with BlurredNCBackground so if this is a tweak you have installed "Tap To Remind" should be avoided. At just .99 in the Cydia store this is definitely a tweak worth checking out. The tweak/app is compatible on all iOS 6 devices such as the iPhone 5 with the exception of the iPad.

tap to remind Photo: Cydia

Tap To Note:

Made in much the same fashion and by the same developer as the previous tweak, "Tap to Note" allows with tap of a notification screen button to type a quick note to yourself which will be saved in the official notes notepad for later reference. The tweak is also incompatible with NCBlurredBackground but beyond that works great for iOS 6 users.

tap to note Brand new to the Cydia Store, this tweak is compatible with iOS 6 and allows users to type a note right from the notification center. --Photo: Cydia

Ask To Send

AskToSend is a great tweak created by Hanene Samara - evasi0n team member Nikkias Bassen's wife. "Ask to Send" basically mimics what Google goggles does for email. This tweaks will prompt you with a pop up message after you hit "send" on a message. The pop up will have two options "yes" and "no", just to make sure you really want to send that SMS. It gives you a split second longer to think before sending that smart mouthed retort to your boss for making you work on your day off. This app has just been launched today with full support for iOS 6 users and it just 1.99 in the Cydia Store

ask to send This Cydia Tweak has been recently updated for compatibility with iOS 6 and allows users to think twice before sending messages, emails and more.

Group Ringer

Another very function Cydia tweak allows users to assign ring tones to groups of contacts. The groups can be self-assigned and then ringtones applied to the groups as a whole as well as the ability to turn off vibrate for groups.

groups ringer cydia tweak Group Ringer --Photo: Cydia

PowerMusic MiniPlayer

This recently updated Cydia tweak brings your music right where you want it-to your lock screen and notification center! Upon installing a button will show on your lockscreen or an icon inside the notification center that when pushed allows for selection of your favorite music without having to enter the music app. The tweak also incorporates some cool gesture actions such as double tap to play//pause, swipe left or right to move forward or go back to previous song, and swipe up or down for volume. Just $1 in the Cydia Tweak/app store. This one is well worth your money.


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