There are many dating apps out there (from Plenty of Fish to HowAboutWe, OkCupid to eHarmony). Though most are free to download, they require costly in-app purchases or monthly subscriptions to fully enjoy. But since the best things in life are free, this list is for the best free dating apps that are completely free, without even the option of paying for upgrades.

Besides Grouper that requires you to pre-pay for your first round of drinks, there is no financial obligation for using any of the listed apps. Some apps like Bang With Friends are less serious than others, but you never know where you might find love. So, here's the list of the best free dating apps for iPhone and Android:

1. Tinder

Tinder is a "hot or not" dating app that shows you photos of strangers around you. If the attraction is mutual, you can chat with your match within the app. You do need Facebook to login, but you can create your own username for anonymity purposes. There is a new Matchmaker feature that allows wannabe cupids to create a match between any two friends and let them chat within Tinder. This app is even Miss USA approved. Download for iPhone or Android.

2. Crazy Blind Date by OkCupid

crazy blind date okcupid

Crazy Blind Date by OkCupid is for adventurous types who'd rather not even know what their date looks like before meeting them. Simply pick a time and place and the app sets up a blind date for you. The app hides your potential love match's identity by scrambling their photo but you can chat with them beforehand to figure out the logistics for your date. Download for iPhone or Android.

3. Bang With Friends

Bang With Friends allows you to select which of your Facebook friends you'd like to get down and dirty with. If the feeling is mutual, the app notifies you both by e-mail. While the app could be seen to be a safer alternative then meeting up with strangers, it has proved to be somewhat controversial and Bang With Friends was removed from the App Store a week after it first appeared in May. The developer is also being sued by Zynga, the social gaming giant for copyright infringement. Download for Android.

4. Base - For Facebook Friends

Base - For Facebook Friends is for iPhone users who don't want to commit to going all the way with one of their Facebook friends. Just choose which base you'd go with a friend and if he or she also puts you on a base, the app will let you know you have a match. You'll only be matched up to your highest mutual base, so your friend will never know that you were willing to go further. Download for iPhone.

5. Yenta

Yenta is a location-based app that connects Jewish singles with other singles around them. Per its description: "Why free? Because we believe that making matches is good karma ... And more importantly we want to answer your mother's concerns of you dating a girl/guy."

Download for iPhone or Android.

6. Grouper Social Club

grouper social club

Grouper is a social club that sets up drinks between two groups of friends for a friendly triple date. First apply for membership with Facebook. Grouper then matches you to a guy or girl, who each invite two of their friends. The app also gives you the place to meet. All you have to do is pre-pay for your first round of drinks, which ensures that everyone shows up. Download for iPhone.

What do you think are the best free dating apps? Let us know in the comments.

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