Looking for the best Battle Bay ship builds? Check out our tips, tricks and strategies for equipping the best weapons and items on each ship.


After over a year in soft launch, Rovio finally released Battle Bay, an exciting new take on multi-player tank battle genre. After spending just a few days waging war in the 5 vs. 5 oceanic battle game, I’m completely addicted. If you’re new to the game, figuring out a good synergy or build that combines the best weapons and items for the ship can be tricky. It takes a lot of trial and error and also depends on your battle style. To help you sort out which is the best ship for your and what weapons or items are best for your build we’ve put together a guide with some of our favorite builds, plus tips and tricks for building your own. You can also check out our Battle Bay Beginner's Guide here with tips for things like adding friends, using perks, evolving weapons and more.

Battle Bay Ships & Weapons Guide: Which Are The Best Builds For You?

Choosing the best build in Battle Bay is a combination of your battle style along with the weapons or items you have available. I’m playing on two different devices and on one I’ve leveled up and increased ranking much faster due to the parts I’ve been lucky enough to acquire. However, some basic strategies for putting together your best ship still apply.  

Battle Bay Ship #1: Shooter

battle bay best build ship weapons guide which items are best shooter speeder defender fixer enforcer The shooter is a quick moving offensive player with beginning slots to equip two weapons. iDigitalTimes

The shooter is basically exactly what it sounds like: a shooter. This ship has two slots open for equipping weapons and is a great tool to use if you are an offensive player who likes to be in the middle of the action. The shooter has a pretty decent amount of speed and handling and is one of my personal favorites. Its entry-level stats are as follows:

Health: 500

Defense: 0

Speed: 1.08

Ship Agility: 34.7°

Turret Agility: 32.5°

Best Weapons And Items For Battle Bay Shooter Build

While you can equip a lot of different types of weapons on the Shooter, I’ve had the most success with equipping quick cycling weapons like the Cannon and Carronade. These items have a 5 and 5.6 second cool down time, respectively so that there is very little waiting between shots. Another decent combo is the Cannon and Swift Torpedo but you have to be better with your aim when using this one. If you equip the Carronade you will have to get in closer in the battle. If the fast up close combat stresses you out, choose a different build.


Battle Bay Ship #2 Speeder

battle bay best build ship weapons guide which items are best shooter speeder defender fixer enforcer The speeder moves at crazy speeds to quickly evade its attackers. iDigitalTimes

The Speeder is another favorite of mine and to me it functions a lot like the Shooter but with more speed and agility.  Its health is pretty low though so that’s the trade off. Its base stats are as follows

  •             Health: 450
  •             Defense: 0
  •             Speed: 1.13
  •             Ship Agility: 49.5°
  •             Turret Agility: 34.2°

Best Weapons And Items For Battle Bay Speeder Build

Different people may choose different things. I set up my speeder a lot like I set up my shooter. I like to use the cannon or carronade since it’s fast at reloading and I like to add the bandage since I this ship has such low health. I also tend to equip a Tesla shield in case I get into a tricky spot somewhere.


Battle Bay Ship #3: Enforcer

battle bay best build ship weapons guide which items are best shooter speeder defender fixer enforcer The Enforcer is a solid, middle of the road build. iDigitalTimes

This is a solid middle of the road ship that basically takes the Speeder and slows it down. It has a little less ship agility than the Speeder but more turret agility, allowing you to track your mark easier. You can equip a Blue, Yellow and Red item on this ship. Here are the base stats for the Enforcer:               

  • Health: 600
  • Defense: 0
  • Speed: .99
  • Ship Agility: 41.6°
  • Turret Agility: 47°

Best Weapons And Items For Battle Bay Enforcer Build

For the Enforcer, since it’s slower, any of the yellow items can be helpful. I like the Tesla Shield for protection or Overboost to help you get in or out of a hot spot quickly. I’d also go with a bandage or a shield of some kind to boost your health stats even more. As for red, any weapon is fine, just go with what you like best. Cannons tend to be my favorite because they can do a lot of damage and travel quickly so you’re less likely to miss your mark.


Battle Bay Ship #4: Defender

battle bay best build ship weapons guide which items are best shooter speeder defender fixer enforcer The Defender is a lumbering ship that can equip two weapons. iDigitalTimes

The defender is an offensive tank that has the most health out of the lot but the trade off is that it’s slow and lacks agility. If you like a less action packed battle and attacking from a distance, this will be your guy. Here are his basic stats:

Health: 900

Defense: 5

Speed: .89

Ship Agility: 27.7°

Turret Agility: 28°

Best Weapons And Items For Battle Bay Defender Build

This is a slow moving beast so a combination of a fast shooter and a long-range damager are a good synergy. The standard canon work well for your quick reloader if you get in the middle of some action and then a napalm or Longe Range Mortar are nice if you’re hanging around the back. Once again, I love a bandage or shield of some kind to boost your health when the chips are down.


Battle Bay Ship #5: Fixer

battle bay best build ship weapons guide which items are best shooter speeder defender fixer enforcer The Fixer brings health to the team with its unique "healing" slot. iDigitalTimes

This is probably the most interesting ship out of the lot because it takes a special mindset to use it. As the name indicates, this ship is best as a support for the team as it is the only ship that allows equipping a “fixing” or healing item from the beginning. This ship has a decent amount of speed and middle of the road health, which allow it to move fairly swiftly to the places where its healing powers might be needed. Here are Fixer’s base stats:

  • Health: 600
  •  Defense: 0
  •  Speed: 1.01
  •  Ship Agility: 34.7°
  •  Turret Agility: 38.5°

Best Weapons And Items For Battle Bay Fixer Build

Your main mission should be helping your team mates heal so the repair pulse is a must in your healing slot. For weapons, again, I favor the basic cannon for the quick load time but you can go with a sniper cannon if you want to pull back a bit from the action. This ship doesn’t have the highest amount of health so equipping a shield or bandage is useful or turbo, which will bring you speed pretty close to a speeder boat.