Justin Bieber’s Twitter fans are a formidable force who have once again proved that they wouldn’t stay quiet when their teen idol is criticized.

Recently, actress Olivia Wilde attracted the wrath of Beliebers, as the Canadian pop sensation’s fans are called, when she tweeted asking Bieber to put his shirt on soon after photographers of him walking around shirtless emerged.

Olivia’s tweet read: "Bieber, put your f*****g shirt on. (unless you lost all your shirts in a fire in which case my condolences and please purchase a new shirt.)"

Though Olivia later clarified that she tweeted this message with a lot of love and concern for his health, Beliebers did not take too kindly to the tweet. A number of them have since then sent scathing messages to Olivia, and she now fears of being acid attacked. "I'm going to get attacked with acid, someone's going to throw acid in my face. If that happens there are 35 million Beliebers that did it, so find them," she told CNN during an interview with Jake Johnson, who turned out to be a Belieber.

“You messed with Bieber? Are you nuts?” Jake asked Olivia. “What’s up, Bieber?” Jake continued. “I’m with you! Not with her!”

Olivia should have consulted with Kim Kardashian before slamming Bieber, for the reality show star had once been at the receiving end of death threats from Beliebers. Back in 2010, Bieber jokingly called Kim his girlfriend, following which Bieber fans went bananas.

"I'm getting death threats from your fans!" Kim wrote on Twitter. "This is unBeliebable!!!"

Bieber, who was 16 at the time, soon clarified that Kim was just a friend. "Ladies calm down," he wrote, saying that Kim was just a friend. "A very sexy friend but a friend. No need 4 threats. Let's all be friends and hang out often."

Surprisingly, Bieber’s former girlfriend Selena Gomez too was not spared. “Selena Gomez is dangerously close to a long, slow painful death,” one message read after photographs of the couple frolicking together on a beach surfaced back in 2011.