With less than twelve weeks remaining before the Battlefield 4 release date, we still know next to nothing about the Battlefield 4 beta that's supposed to start sometime this fall, but five new game play videos are giving fans of the series a much better idea of what to expect when Battlefield 4 launches on October 29.

After a relatively quiet July, Electronic Arts and DICE have opened the Battlefield 4 info and video flood gates; posting a new developer Q&A and authorizing the release of five new Battlefield 4 game play videos as the countdown to the Battlefield 4 beta continues. Most notably, the Battlefield 4 dev team used Friday's Vehicle Q&A to begin unveiling the list of vehicles that will be available to the Chinese faction in Battlefield 4, including the Type-99 MBT (tank), Z-10W Attack Heli and DV15 Interceptor Attack Boat.

There's a little something for everyone in August's first round of Battlefield 4 game play footage too, with leaks from a variety of well-known Battlefield-loving YouTube personalities posting a variety of short game play clips from the closed Battlefield 4 beta test currently underway. It's not clear exactly which build version of Battlefield 4 the latest footage is from, though all of the recent videos were recorded on a PC running Battlefield 4 on the game's "Ultra" graphics setting.

The latest batch of Battlefield 4 game play footage also gives us an idea of what to expect from the game's update suppression systems; specifically, the visual filters that will engage when you are taking fire from an enemy(s) during a Battlefield 4 multiplayer match.

Unfortunately, all of the latest Battlefield 4 game play footage was captured on the previously revealed Siege of Shanghai map, the only map to be seen publicly since Battlefield 4 was publicly confirmed by EA and DICE earlier this year. Siege will undoubtedly be the only map featured in the Battlefield 4 beta this fall as well, making us wonder if we'll get to see any footage from other multiplayer maps before the Battlefield 4 release date.

Of course, we'll be counting down the days either way, but we can't be the only ones who'd like to see what else will be included In Battlefield 4. Check out all of the great new Battlefield 4 game play footage that's emerged in the last few days while we all keep our fingers crossed for word on the Battlefield 4 beta sometime in the near future:

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Have a prediction for when you think Electronic Arts and DICE are planning to launch the Battlefield 4 beta? Hoping to see a particular gun, vehicle or map confirmed for inclusion prior to the Battlefield 4 release date? Just wish EA would start mailing out Battlefield 4 beta invites already?

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