An annual banned words list is making the rounds online on Monday, with less than 24 hours to go before 2012 comes to a close in the United States.

The annual compilation of a list of banished words has become a LSSU tradition, with annual releases taking place for 38 straight years, and the banned words list has found quite an audience. Thousands of nominations for next year's banned words list were accepted via the school's website; however, only 12 words or phrases made the final 2013 banned words list.

Click HERE to see this year's banned words list

"I'm in the word banishment business" Lake Superior State University PR director Tom Pink told CNN, adding, " There's a slightly serious side to this, but mostly we're trying to have fun."

While some have called the annual banned words list stupid and pretentious, you certainly won't hear any complaints about next year's banned words list from those of us here at iDigitaltTimes either. We're actually kind of shocked that the university managed to choose such a short list of words/phrases in the first place.

Some of our favorite entries from the 2013 banned words list include:

  • - Fiscal Cliff
  • - YOLO
  • - Job Creators/Creation
  • - Spoiler Alert
  • - YOLO (Can you tell which word we're really tired of hearing?)

Though the school's latest list has only been public for a short time, next year's banned words list has already accumulated more than 20,000 "Likes" on Facebook. LSSU's annual list has also been shared by thousands, theoretically pushing readership of next year's banned words list into six-figure territory.

Twitter users have also been having some fun with the 2013 banned words list, with many either mentioning their agreement with one or more terms' inclusion or seeing just how many terms they can fit into a single tweet.

What do you think of the 2013 banned words list? Are there any words you'd like to see added/removed?

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