Some things are just too awesome for words. A protestor dressed as Bane, the jacked-up supervillain of Batman lore, to protest Bain Capital, the investment firm formerly run by Mitt Romney. The 13-foot puppeteer protestor was operating on behalf of labor rights organization United NY. The foam-rubber Bane was spotted outside Bain's headquarters in Manhattan on Thursday and, predictably, pictures were taken. The following images were taken by BuzzFeed's Michael Schmidt.

Bane on the street. photo: Michael Schmidt

Bane from behind. BRAULICH! photo: Michael Schmidt

The protest also featured more traditional elements. The puppeteer inside the suit, Conor Landenberger, shouted protest messages through an in-suit mic that mimicked the Batman villain's voice. "People complained the Dark Knight Rises was too long. It's nothing to the dark night you'll be facing after Romney is elected!" he shouted during the protest, which received an assist from the Occupy Wall Street Puppet Guild. (Yes, that is a real thing.)

Another protestor at the rally was Shantees Jones, a Burlington coat Factory employee who said that Romney's decision to cut wages to $8 an hour has made her life more difficult. "I can't make ends meet with that amount of money," she said. She feels that the decision to cut wages and layoff staff was only motivated by Romney's desire to maximize profits for executives at Bain Capital.

"We want to bring these super-villains out of site and into the open," said Gan Galan, one of the Puppet Guild artists who built the Bane suit told the Huffington Post. "The Republicans also sent a giant, bloated puppet to give a speech in Tampa: Chris Christie."