The time travel of “Back to the Future Part 2” takes Marty McFly to the far-flung future of… 2015. A number of articles are comparing the technology of today with the future technology on display in the “Back to the Future” sequel. It’s safe to say that the movie predictions for the future didn’t turn out all that accurate to life. But maybe the “Back to the Future” series have different predictive powers? Perhaps, like the supposed Bible Code, “Back to the Future” and its sequel “Back to the Future Part 2” have much more sinister events hidden within. Sure, “Back to the Future Part 2” may have been wrong about dehydrated Pizza Hut, but did it secretly warn us about the 9-11 attacks? For a chunk of the conspiracy community, the “Back to the Future” movie series is a key to unlocking a century of Illuminati control and the secrets of reality.

JFK and 9-11 in “Back to the Future” and “Back to the Future Part 2”

Originally argued by Joe Alexander, more commonly known by his YouTube handle barelyHuman11, the conspiratorial reading of “Back to the Future” depends upon finding the buried symbolism in the “Back to the Future” movies. Sure, you have your hidden JFK busts and 9-11 numerology, but there are also more complicated 9-11 connections made in the video.

“The film is crawling with 9-11s… but what is “Back to the Future” fundamentally about? It’s about an individual who has foreknowledge of an amazingly unlikely event… a tower that is going to be struck down from the sky.” While equating a clock tower struck by lightning to the World Trade Center destroyed by airplanes is a stretch, the 9-11 material barelyHuman11 digs up in “Back to the Future Part 2” is even more difficult to believe.

The key to understanding 9-11 through watching “Back to the Future Part 2”? An upside down man: 

“In the entire three part series in ‘Back to the Future’ there is only one cameo ever made by an upside down human being… and it is in this scene. This is the only time an upside down character will ever be viewed… and it’s for a reason.”

The hovering, upside down George McFly is just the beginning, the indicator that you’re meant to view the scene projected upside down in order to catch the clues pointing to a “BROKEN,” “falling” Twin Towers. “How obvious does this have to become?” the narrator asks, in obvious exasperation (It would have been nice had it become obvious enough to prevent 9-11, but w/e).

The Future of “Back to the Future Part 2”

The 9-11 and JFK conspiracy reading of “Back to the Future” traffics in panic, the narrator at one point claiming “The mere fact that the Twin Towers themselves also appear in this film is indescribably alarming.” But the video’s true aims are hard to grasp from just watching the video. Are the warnings implanted in “Back to the Future” and “Back to the Future Part 2” intentional? Were they placed by the Illuminati to mock us or warn us? Was someone consciously aware of the 9-11 attacks in 1985, or were they accidentally funneling future trauma resonance into the past?

And what about the mindset of the video’s creator?

What kind of person believes “Back to the Future” represents parties unknown “screaming from the top of their lungs, with all the creative capacity they can muster, to watch out for this terrorist attack”? Are they just rabid Robert Zemeckis fans? Or is it because Christopher Lloyd, who played “Back to the Future” star Doc Brown, is a Christ resonator?

"Back to the Future" - Behind the Conspiracists

It all comes down to the viewpoints of creator Joe Alexander and a new name for an old outlook uniting conspiratorial and mystic outlooks. This viewpoint, known as synchromysticism, is illuminated in the following interview with barelyHuman11 about his “Back to the Future” conspiracy video series:

42 minutes with Joe Alexander [BarelyHuman11] from SyncBookPress on Vimeo.

Their outlook is a combination of old-school mysticism, “Neon Genesis Evangelion” gnosticism, Philip K. Dick’s “Exegesis,psychedelic experience, and New Age conspiracy theorizing. One early synchromystic, Jake Kotze, described it as “the art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance.” Other than a fascination with movies, repository of our cultural symbolism, it’s hard to say exactly what separates synchromysticism from other systems of mystical symbol interpretation such as Tarot archetypes.

So it seems Joe Alexander’s “Back to the Future” conspiracy videos are meant to be taken both literally and symbolically: as truth, but not fact. One speaker in the radio interview above calls it “recontextualizing the world so we can again have wonder.” 

The “Back to the Future” 9-11 conspiracy theory is not meant to be taken as just a joke. Rather it’s a reflection of the complete post-modernizing of truth that has been the project of the conspiratorial fringe for some time. Subjectivism is absolute, every perspective as valid as any other. 

According to this radical viewpoint “Back to the Future” is “either consciously or subconsciously” “riddled with 9-11 symbolism.” Why doesn’t matter, as it’s ultimately an unknowable connection between a work of art and a single, perceived facet of subjective reality. At least, that’s what the synchromystics would seem to conclude.

Unlike the immersive, conspiratorial criticism on display in “Room 237,” a documentary about overreaching analysis of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining,” there is a sense from the “Back to the Future” conspiracists that they don’t believe any of this to have been intentional. Instead, pointing out how “Back to the Future” and “Back to the Future Part 2” map out the JFK assassination or predict 9-11 becomes an exercise in high-level mind awareness, a kind of “open your eyes” cry directed at conspiracy theorists still in search of some Truth.

How "Back to the Future" Conjecture Helps 9-11 Truthers

This explanation also reads like a redoubt of sorts. What can a conspiracy theorist do when confronted with the falsity of his or her beliefs? Claim it was never a truth proposition to begin with. Rather, the conspiracy, even the “actual, all-seeing eye of the Illuminati” spotted over Marty McFly’s shoulder, becomes a subjective claim that can no longer be held to factual account.

Conspiracy theorists playing in symbolism, who make conspiratorial connections free of any motive or application to objective reality, are a pure strain of subjective nihilism within the conspiracy movement. The creator of the “Back to the Future” 9-11 prediction conspiracy is attempting to open minds to the lack of any grounded reality. 

This has the side-effect of providing conspiracy theorists with a bevy of free-floating facts that can be deployed completely detached from any theory of reality. While the 9-11 conspiracy theorizing of barelyHuman11 may indeed be intended as trickster art, who can doubt that “Back to the Future” predicting 9-11 will most often be deployed by those taking it literally?

It’s not so much that digging into the JFK assassination or 9-11 via “Back to the Future” movies cries out for condemnation, as repugnant as the wider 9-11 Truth movement may be. Instead, the object is to understand that even relativism and subjectivism can play a role in the push-pull fight between what is true and what is paranoid delusion. The synchromystics are useful in marking the outward bound of conspiratorial and New Age thought. 

What "Back to the Future" Means to the Empiricist

If you believe in objective reality their ideology is likely a disgusting surrender to falsehood. Was 9-11 perpetrated by Saudi Arabian hijackers or our own government? Who knows! Rather than seek truth, the pursuit of knowledge twists into a ghastly falseness, as we throw up our hands and declare nothing certain. And while this “Back to the Future” video feeds facts to the more common forms of 9-11 Truther, there’s little doubt that much of the conspiracy theory community, who build their self-worth out of an alternative “Truth,” would find this level of subjectivity equally galling.

What "Back to the Future" Means to the Relativist

But to a growing element of the conspiracy community something else entirely is embodied in “Back to the Future.” For them “Back to the Future” predicting 9-11 is the proof of conspiracy so complete that no one reality can contain it. If the signs are all around us, the symbols buried anywhere you’d care to dig, then every conspiracy theory becomes true, an inevitable byproduct of a fragmented reality. “Back to the Future” and “Back to the Future 2” are not merely portals to understanding the 9-11 attacks and the JFK assassination, but also markers for the exact spot where modern conspiracy theories decohere, where the melting point of steel commingles with the Magic-Bullet and the trick of reality falls to pieces.