"The Avengers" 2 release date isn't in 2014. Therefore, 2014 is a bad year for Marvel movies. "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" actually does have a definite release date already, more specifically May 1, 2015. That's, sadly enough, a year and a half away, and it's going to be a long wait... but it'll be worth it, because hey, Robert Downey, Jr. is Iron Man in it.

I mean, we're getting two Marvel movies in 2014, and both of them are pretty questionable. First off, we'll get "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," coming April 4, 2014, which has potential, but it stars by far the least interesting member of the Avengers (okay, maybe Hawkeye, but he doesn't get his own movies), is the sequel to a rather lackluster original, and has directors who have yet to make a good movie. And the villain is... well, I'd say it's not the tops, but you may not agree, and I won't spoil it for you. On the plus side, it does have Black Widow in it. Don't write the film off by any means, but it's not going to reach the heights of the Iron Man or Thor movies.

The other Marvel movie we have to endure before "The Avengers 2" release date is, of course, "Guardians of the Galaxy," starring Bradley Cooper as a space-faring raccoon and Vin Diesel as a sentient tree. I mean, a lot of people really love the source comic. I don't: I have no opinion on it at all. I just have an opinion on the basic premise for the movie, which sounds extraordinarily dumb. But Marvel has pulled off shocking surprises before -- it's their specialty -- so perhaps "Guardians" won't be the first real trainwreck of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still, it's their most questionable title to date.

And that's it for 2014. That's it until "The Avengers 2" release date, where Marvel busts out the big guns: The Hulk. Iron Man. Thor. Samuel L. Jackson, the greatest superhero of all. And, instead of being directed by nobody, it's being directed by Joss Whedon, who is definitely somebody. And the trouble is, after "The Avengers 2," it's going to be a while before we get anything else good out of MCU. Specifically, I'm defining something good as something with Robert Downey, Jr. in it, since he's not going to be in "Iron Man" anymore.

So it's going to be a long ride until "The Avengers 2," and it will be a long ride after that. So let's just live in the moment. That moment that is May 1, 2015.