Shark Week 2014: Watch Awesome 'King Of Summer' Commercial And Get Excited For Discovery Channel's 27th Annual Warning To Seals Everywhere!

By Sanna Chu on June 27, 2014 1:05 PM EDT 0

Shark Week 2014
Shark Week 2014’s first teaser commercial on Discovery Channel has just been released and it’s the definition of awesome. Watch the incredible ‘King of Summer’ commercial and get psyched for Shark Week 2014. (Photo: YouTube/screenshot)

Have you seen the new Shark Week 2014 commercial from Discovery Channel yet? Watch it HERE now! It's the definition of awesome.

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Shark Week 2014's first teaser commercial on Discovery features a man and a mermaid riding two great white sharks like waterskies. The man is flinging chum in the air while hammerheads and other great whites are jumping up to grab the food. A seal in front of this epic procession is swimming away for dear life.

The Shark Week 2014 ad is very different in tone from last year's fake news report ad featuring Snuffy the seal. Shark Week 2013 was the most-watched Shark Week in the event's 26-year history with some 53 million viewers tuning into Discovery Channel during last year's Shark Week. But last year's Shark Week was also mired in controversy with longtime fans slamming the channel's decision to kick off the event with the fake Megalodon documentary.

The 27th annual Shark Week kicks off Aug. 10 with Discovery Channel saying it has scheduled the most hours of shark programming ever. Shark Week 2014 will feature 13 Shark Week shows, up from last year's 11 shark specials and will see the return of "Shark After Dark", a live hour-long talk show that features celebrity guests and shark experts talking all things shark-related with host Josh Wolf. With "Shark After Dark" viewers can interact with tweets and questions to celebrity guests, and more.

Discovery Channel's Shark Week 2014 programming includes "Sharkageddon", which examines the recent spike of shark attacks in Hawaii; "Zombie Sharks", which explores the shark phenomenon known as tonic immobility that leaves sharks in a catatonic zombie-like state; and "Alien Sharks: Return to the Abyss", which features the last known group of bioluminescent sharks in the ocean's darkest depths. "Monster Hammerhead" explores the legendary hammerhead shark that has been patrolling Florida's shores for the past 60 years, while "Great White Matrix" investigates the rise of great white attacks in the shark-infested waters of Australia.

Here's a Shark Week 2014 countdown, so you can count the seconds to when Shark Week 2014 will commence. Are you excited for Shark Week 2014? Let us know in the comments. 

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