Vine Breakup Video Shows Couple Fighting About Instagram In Most Modern Breakup Ever

By Sanna Chu on September 3, 2013 3:59 PM EDT 0

Vine break up
The Vine break up video is a sign of the times. (Photo: Vine/screengrab)

Is this the most modern breakup ever? A Vine user has uploaded a video of his girlfriend scolding him about Instagram. The Vine breakup video is captioned as "You guys just witness my breakup... #Damn."


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The six-second Vine breakup video shows 19-year-old Khoa Nguyen rolling his eyes while his girlfriend berates him for his Instagram use. "You liked her f------g picture on Instagram. You follow her on Instagram," she says, before noticing he is on his phone. "Are you f------g Vining?" she asks before smacking him upside his head.

Nguyen posted the Vine breakup clip to Reddit, where it went viral, racking up thousands of comments and landing on the front page. He later explained, "this was like a 3 month relationship and as you can see I didn't take any of her bs too serious... problems this early on? no thanks I was out!" Most commenters were sympathetic, with many expressing that they have been in similar situations. One Redditor wrote, "My girlfriend would over-analyze every comment left by any girl on my [Myspace] page, go through everyone on my friends list and demand to know how I knew them... This was like 6-7 years ago but damn, this video brings back memories." Other Redditors talked about friends who couldn't have female friends on Facebook because their girlfriends would flip out. Still others complained of overly jealous girlfriends who would call constantly or not let their partners look at other girls on the street. Although the problem of jealousy has probably been around since the dawn of dating, modern technology presents an interesting set of problems, since guys can check out other girls right on their smartphones. What do you think of the Vine breakup video? Let us know in the comments. Follow @SannaChu

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