Tetris Keroco: Watch Gamer Finish Puzzle In Under 20 Seconds [VIDEO]

By Sanna Chu on August 20, 2013 11:49 AM EDT 0

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The Tetris Keroco video shows a player clearing a 40-line sprint in Tetris in just under 20 seconds. The amazing feat is the fastest ever recorded time for Tetris. (Photo: flickr/mache)

The Tetris Keroco video is unreal. It shows a Japanese player breaking all kinds of records and laws of human dexterity by clearing a 40-line sprint in Tetris in just under 20 seconds.

A Tetris sprint or line race involves clearing a certain number of lines as fast as possible. The Tetris Keroco video show a player, who goes by the name "Keroco", finish the 40-line sprint in 19.68 seconds, the fastest time ever recorded, mental floss reported.

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Watch Tetris Keroco video below:

The Tetris Keroco video was posted to Reddit, where it had been hailed as "the greatest achievement in the history of gaming" by none other than Tetris champion Ben Mullen.

Previously, 40 seconds was considered an amazing time, per mentalfloss, but the Tetris Keroco video has completely blown that time out the water with Keroco being the first person to beat the 20-second mark.

For disbelievers of the Tetris Keroco video, Tetris Grand Master, "Kitaru" wrote on Reddit: "I know it's hard to believe it's real-time for someone coming outside the community [...] but the fastest players are able to bust out the same speeds in live multiplayer situations. The road to a human sub-20 has been long and winding, but each successive record made it seem like that much more of an inevitability. It's unreal that someone has finally made it."

"Keroco" has uploaded several Tetris videos with progressively faster times. The first Tetris Keroco video was uploaded 10 months ago with a time 22.38 seconds, which is pretty mind-blowingly fast already.

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