Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Could See Franchise Make The Jump To PlayStation 4 [REPORT]

By iDigitalTimes Staff Reporter on May 31, 2013 12:49 PM EDT 0

Kingdom Hearts
Could Square Enix finally be releasing a true sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2? We've got all the latest Kingdom Hearts 3 release date speculation, including reports that the fan-favorite franchise could be headed to the PlayStation 4. (Photo: Square Enix)

We're still a few months removed from the launch of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX on the PlayStation 3, but a new report suggests Square Enix could already be planning a Kingdom Hearts 3 release date that would see the series head to the PlayStation 4.

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Many gamers experienced a combination of shock and joy when it was revealed that Kingdom Hearts would make its PlayStation 3 debut this September, just a few months before the PS4 release date is expected to arrive. Although they apparently waited some undisclosed period of time to deliver the news, STFU and Play claims that unidentified sources have confirmed that Square Enix and Sony have already agreed to a PS4-exclusivity deal for Kingdom Hearts 3 as part of a two-game agreement which also includes Final Fantasy Versus.

If true, it seems all but guaranteed that Square Enix and Sony will have something to say about the future of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy either during Sony's pre-E3 keynote on June 10, or on the showroom floor during the three day 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo next month.

In a certain light, Square Enix's decision to release Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX this September actually makes quite a bit of sense. The publisher could see two of the franchise's central stories return to digital/store shelves -- with a successful Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX launch paving the way for a Kingdom Hearts 2 release via PSN-- ahead of the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date.

Of course, this is all just speculation, though it seems likely that Sony and Square Enix will have plenty to say about their plans for the PS4 release date during E3 2013 in roughly two weeks. Square Enix teased  their new Luminous engine during the PlayStation Meeting back in February, but something tells us they'll have something a bit more substantial to show-off in Los Angeles next month.

Be sure to check back with for all the latest on the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date as we await an official announcement from Square Enix in the weeks ahead.

Do you think that Kingdom Hearts 3 should have been a PlayStation 3 title? Just glad to see Kingdom Hearts 3 release date news of any kind? Lost interest in the long-running Square-Enix/Disney crossover series?

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