Minecraft 1.6 Update: Snapshot 13w17a, Minecraft 1.5.2 Pre-Release Now Available From Mojang

By Scott Craft on April 26, 2013 1:17 PM EDT 0

Mojang is back with a double-whammy this week, releasing the Minecraft 1.5.2 pre-release and Minecraft 1.6 preview snapshot 13w17a side-by-side on Thursday, just in time for many players' weekend build sessions. Find out what's changed in each build, where you can download Minecraft 1.5.2 or Snapshot 13w17a, and what's still expected to change before the Minecraft 1.6 update goes live. (Photo: Flickr / colmmcsky)

It's a great week to be a Minecraft fan, thanks to Mojang's decision to release the latest Minecraft 1.6 preview snapshot and Minecraft 1.5.2 on the same day as well as new updates on future changes to the horses introduced last week snapshot 13w16a.

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Though some will wonder whether Mojang actually could have the Minecraft 1.5.2 minor update ready before the end of April, a pre-release build of the next patch hit the web on Thursday, and Mojang sweetened the deal with the simultaneous debut of Minecraft 1.6 preview snapshot 13w17a.

The latest Minecraft preview build is largely compromised of bug and crash fixes, but does introduce a new Hardened Clay block which can be obtained by smelting clay blocks. Lead Minecraft programmer Jens Bergensten also hopped on Twitter to discuss additional changes that are planned for the Minecraft 1.6 update.

While horses have been plentiful (to say the least) in the existing Minecraft 1.6 preview snapshots, Bergensten confirmed that they'll be much more difficult to obtain when the next major Minecraft patch is released. Surface-level equipment drops will also become a thing of the past, though there won't be any changes to the armor, weapons, and other items which are currently craftable by players.

It'll be interesting to see if the team has plans to introduce non-craftable equipment at some point down the line, particularly since Jens also confirmed that equipment can be found in the Nether, or if this is simply a way to make life harder for fans of the No Crafting Table Challenge. Maybe a little of both?

Head over to the official Mojang blog to grab your copy of Minecraft 1.5.2, or launch the development Minecraft launcher (available here) to get your hands on Minecraft 1.6 preview snapshot 13w17a.

Here's the complete Minecraft Snapshot 13w17a change log:

  • - The carpet crafting recipe now gives 3 carpet blocks - via
  • - Added Hardened Clay block
    • -- Screenshot
    • -- Smelt clay blocks to get hardened clay blocks
  • - Added extra tooltip info in the search tab for the creative inventory
  • - Made deserts more deserty
    • -- Small water lakes no longer spawn in deserts
  • - Made zombies slightly more sociable
    • -- Now occasionally spawn in more zombies when taking damage - via
  • - Fixed some bugs
    • -- Fixed jukebox music volume not decreasing
    • -- Fixed tamed wolves and cats despawning
    • -- Fixed silverfish breaking blocks when mobGriefing gamerule is set to false
    • -- Fixed using Pick Block on an active furnace returning an active furnace
    • -- Fixed the "Hot Topic" achievement using a faceless furnace icon
    • -- Fixed arrows floating mid-air when shot into blocks
    • -- Fixed the new launcher being pixelated on Retina Display devices running OS X
    • -- Fixed being able to pick up command blocks using Silk Touch
    • -- Fixed being unable to play or download a snapshot using the new launcher
    • -- Custom Language-PackRemoval

And here's the full list of changes in Minecraft 1.5.2 pre-release:

- Fixed some bugs

  • -- Fixed jukebox music volume not decreasing
  • -- Fixed anvils charging levels for nothing in MP when using languages other than English
  • -- Fixed tamed wolves and cats despawning
  • -- Fixed endermen becoming hostile when taking environmental damage
  • -- Fixed using Pick Block on an active furnaces returning an active furnace
  • -- Fixed the "Hot Topic" achievement using a faceless furnace icon
  • -- Fixed arrows floating mid-air when shot into a block
  • -- Fixed being able to use anvils for free
  • -- Fixed many Minecraft Realms-related bugs

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What do you think of the planned changes that will be made to horses (specifically, their obtainability) before the Minecraft 1.6 update is released? Still plagued by a particular bug that the team hasn't fixed yet? Already got plans for some of the new blocks being introduced?

Let us know in the comments section!

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