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‘Mob Wives Chicago’ Star Pia Rizza Rejected By Playboy: Why Didn’t Nude Pictures Interest Adult Magazine? [PHOTOS]

By Keerthi Mohan on March 19, 2013 12:51 AM EDT 0

Pia Rizza
Playboy crushed “Mob Wives Chicago” star Pia Rizza’s hopes of being featured in the magazine saying her nude photographs weren’t worthy of the adult magazine. (Photo: Twitter)

"Mob Wives Chicago" star Pia Rizza's hopes of being a Playboy model was crushed by Hugh Hefner's magazine when they rejected her request for a nude feature stating that the pictures weren't worthy of a feature spread.

While Playboy was quick with its response, Rizza is not disheartened. The 40-year-old has allegedly sent her nude pictures to various media outlets, and Playboy was just one of the many.

Rizza told TMZ that she took these naked pictures last year and sent it to her boyfriend to find out if he thought she was Playboy worthy. While her boyfriend surely would have been pleased, these pictures soon got into the wrong hands. And when she came to know that her naked pictures were being shopped around, she decided to leak it online herself instead of letting someone else mint money off her.

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Click here to see the photographs Rizza allowed TMZ to publish.

Sadly, the adult magazine too echoed the sentiments of various readers who pointed out that the 40-year-old wasn't Playboy material. A majority of them were brutal in their reactions saying Playboy was too classy for Rizza, who should instead try getting a spread on pornography magazine Hustler.

"She looks more suited to a 'spread' in Hustler" and "Call Hustler, I bet that's right up your ally," were some of the common comments featured on TMZ.

In the meantime, Rizza has denied trying to get herself featured on Playboy. "No I never sent in the pics or did I say I wanted to do playboy at this time." However, sources close to Rizza are singing a different tune. They confirmed to TMZ that Rizza had sent the naked pictures last weekend itself."

These naked pictures were taken last year while Rizza was still shooting for the "Mob Wives Chicago," a reality show on VH1. The series was taken off air after one season.

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