'Minecraft' 1.5 Redstone Update Released, 'Minecraft' 1.5.1 Preview Snapshot Teased For Thursday

By Scott Craft on March 13, 2013 1:44 PM EDT 0

At long last, Mojang has released the "Minecraft" 1.5 Redstone Update, and the team is already talking about the game's next patch. Find out what to expect from the "Minecraft" 1.5 Redstone Update, how to download the patch, and when you can expect to see the first look at "Minecraft" 1.5.1 hit the web. (Photo: Flickr / Reece Bennett)

After six months of development, Mojang has finally delivered the "Minecraft" 1.5 Redstone Update, though it certainly didn't make the January 2013 release date promised at MineCon 2012 last November.

Originally revealed during a panel at MineCon 2012 last year, the "Minecraft" 1.5 Redstone Update is finally live, and available for download via the "Minecraft" launcher at this time. The latest major patch for "Minecraft" delivers a complete overhaul of the game's lighting engine, new redstone mechanics, updated Skeleton and Zombie mobs, introduces scoreboards/leaderboards, Minecraft Realms support, and loads more.

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Dozens of preview snapshots preceded the "Minecraft" 1.5 Redstone Update, allowing players increasingly larger looks at today's official patch even as the team at Mojang worked through hundreds of bugs which have been fixed in the Redstone Update. While many feared that the "Minecraft" 1.5 Redstone Update would miss its latest launch window, after the pre-release was delayed due to continued bug issues, the patch's launch on Wednesday technically still falls within the early March 2013 time table promised by "Minecraft" programmer Jens Bergensten last month.

The "Minecraft" 1.5 Redstone Update also introduces a new ore (Nether Quartz) and several new blocks including the Dropper and Hopper minecart. "Minecraft" players will also find that the various mobs which inhabit their worlds have a newfound fear of minecart rails as well.

Even better news, for those who've been testing out the new content since the "Minecraft" 1.5 Redstone update went live last week, is that Mojang is already hard at work on "Minecraft" 1.5.1 and could release the first preview snapshot of the next "Minecraft" patch as early as Thursday.

Here's the "Minecraft" 1.5 Redstone Update change log (minus bug fixes):


  • - Improved the server list
    • - The Direct Connect IP is now saved even after closing the game
  • - Improved the settings menu
    • - Added a few options to the Chat Settings menu: Scale, Focused Height, Unfocused Height and Width - Screenshot
    • - Moved the texture packs button into the Options menu - Screenshots
    • - Smooth Lighting can now be changed to Off, Minimum (Old method) &Maximum (New, slower method: Prettier, some stair lighting fixes) - Screenshot
  • - Improved texture packs
    • - Textures now use one file per block/item, which are stitched together at runtime
    • - Each texture can have its own resolution and may be animated by putting the frames underneath each other A text file is needed to specify frame order and duration
    • - Special rules apply for Water & Lava (double size) and Compass & Clock(non-animatable, frames are used for moving parts)
    • - Vanilla textures will be used for missing texture files
    • - Fonts are changeable as well, even to HD fonts
  • - Updated language files
    • - Updated translations
    • - Added 2 languages
    • - Language files can now be updated without having to update the game itself
  • - Added hidden support for Minecraft Realms
    • - Subscription-based vanilla server rental service provided by Mojang
    • - Server can't be modded, no OPs can be appointed and a whitelist is mandatory


  • - Improved the Creative Mode inventory
    • - Potions are now ordered better
  • - Improved inventory management
    • - Drop items from any inventory screen by pressing the Drop Item key, hold ctrl to drop entire item stacks
    • - Click-drag item stacks around to equally divide them across the dragged-over inventory slots, leaving left-overs with the cursor
    • - Drag item stacks around with the right mouse button to place one item in each dragged-over slot, if possible
    • - Double-click items to fill the stack up as much as possible
    • - Shift-double-click an item stack using another item stack to shift-click as many of that item as possible
  • - Improved death messages
    • Screenshot
    • - Death messages now include renamed items' names and provide more information on the death
  • - Added output-specific Redstone channels
    • - Redstone components will prefer output signals specified for them over normal signals
    • - Comparators fed by item containers will give out a signal with strength depending on how full the container is
    • - Comparators fed by Jukeboxes will give out a signal with strength depending on disk number
    • - Comparators fed by Command Blocks will give out a signal with strength depending on how many players the -command was run on or whether the command was run successfully
    • - Comparators fed by Detector Rails will give out a signal with strength depending on the fullness of the container Minecart on the rail
    • Screenshot
  • Scoreboard/Leaderboard system
    • Screenshot
    • - Track, edit and display certain objectives per player, such as kill count or health (read-only)
    • - Group players into teams to have the option to assign custom nametag colors, disable friendly fire and allow invisible teammates to be seen
  • - Added a few commands
    • - /effect to add and remove effects on players
    • - /testfor to see how many players fitting the provided parameters are online - Can only be used with Command Blocks and requires comparators to get an output
    • - /scoreboard to interact with the scoreboard system
  • - Improved command target selectors
    • - Added player argument
    • - Added team argument
    • - Added score_* and score_*_min to select by a player's score in a certain scoreboard objective
  • - Improved renaming things
    • - Renamed item containers will now display that name when viewing the container's contents
    • - Renamed Command Blocks now use their name instead of @ in the chat
    • - Renamed Spawn Eggs will now give mobs spawned with it that name
    • - Renamed boss mobs show their name above their health bar
    • - Nametags will be displayed when looking at that entity
    • Screenshot
  • Added some NBT-related stuff
    • - Minecarts can now carry any block and have any Minecart function (TNT, Hopper, Chest, Furnace, Ridable)
    • - FallingSand can now be a TileEntity
    • - Named entities can display their nametag when in nametag range
    • - Minecarts can now act as spawners
    • - Entities can now permanently ride other entities
  • - Added & changed many minor things
    • - Stairs no longer stop sprinting
    • - Right-clicking armor now equips it
    • - Increased Creative Mode entity hit range to 5 blocks
    • - Entities and players no longer dismount things they are riding when reloading the world or logging out

World Generation

  • - Mineshaft Chests are now Minecart Chests on one piece of Rail
  • - Changed the Nether cave generator to that of the Overworld
    • - Fixed cut off caves

Blocks & Items

  • - Double Slabs
    • - The fourth bit now indicates whether the top texture is to be used on all 6 sides
    • - This allows for Smooth Double Stone Slabs (id 43:8) and Smooth Sandstone Blocks (id 43:9)
    • Screenshot
  • - Dispensers
    • - Now use TNT, Bone Meal, Flint and Steel and equip armor
    • - Can now face all 6 directions
    • - Now only fire when the input signal turns on
    • Screenshot
  • - Comparators
    • Screenshot
    • Crafting recipe
    • - Has inputs on 3 sides and an output on 1 side
    • - Right-clicking switches between operation modes: Comparing and Subtracting
    • - When comparing, the main input signal strength will be repeated if it is at least as big as the biggest side input signal strength
    • - When subtracting, the biggest side input signal strength will be subtracted from the main input signal strength
  • - Daylight Detector
  • - Redstone Blocks
  • - Nether Quartz Ores
    • Screenshot
    • - Drops 1 Nether Quartz item when mined
    • - Generates in Netherrack in the Nether
  • - Nether Bricks
  • - Trapped Chests
    • Screenshot
    • Crafting recipe
    • - Outputs Redstone signal with signal strength corresponding to amount of players that have it open
    • - Can be placed next to normal chests
  • - Hoppers
    • Screenshot
    • Crafting recipe
    • - Suck in items on top of them and from containers above, unless when powered by Redstone
    • - Slowly move items into container blocks they are facing
    • - Most blocks can be placed on it by shift-clicking
  • - Weighted Pressure Plates
    • - Golden Weighted Pressure Plate (Heavy) & Iron Weighted Pressure Plate (Light)
    • Screenshot
    • Crafting recipes
    • - Output signal strength depends on amount of items on them - Full signal strength at 60 items (Light) or 922 items (Heavy)
  • - Quartz Blocks
  • - Activator Rails
    • Screenshot
    • Crafting recipe
    • - Can be powered using Redstone
    • - Transmit power through up to 8 further Activator Rails
    • - Used to enable/disable Minecarts with Hoppers and trigger Minecarts with TNT
  • - Droppers
    • Screenshot
    • Crafting recipe
    • - Place items in containers in front of them, if there is no container it will throw the item on the ground
  • - Beacons
    • - Increased range by 25%
    • - Upward range is now infinite
  • - Snow
    • Screenshot
    • Crafting recipe
    • - Place Snow Caps on existing Snow Caps to make it higher
    • - Different height Snow now actually has proper height collision boxes
  • - Minecarts
    • - Container carts now go faster the emptier they are
  • - Minecarts with Hoppers
    • Screenshot
    • Crafting recipe
    • - Work like moving Hoppers, but also pick up items laying on and near the track
    • - Can be turned on and off using Activator Rails
  • - Minecarts with TNT
    • Screenshot
    • Crafting recipe
    • - Triggered by Activator Rails
    • - Explodes more violently the faster it goes
    • - Explodes when it derails abruptly or catches on fire
    • - When blown up in a controlled manner, it won't blow up Rails and supporting blocks
  • - Bone Meal
    • - Growth advancement is randomized now - Full growth requires ~2-3 uses
    • - Gives off green particles when used - Screenshot


  • - All mobs
    • - Now try to avoid Minecart tracks
  • - Slimes
    • - Now spawn less commonly in Swamps depending on moon phases
  • - Zombies
    • - Added some difficulty-scaling behavior
    • - Now group up on targets
    • - They can now set players on fire when on fire themselves
    • - Now are stronger the more damaged they are
    • - Increased player detection range
  • - Skeletons
    • - Added some difficulty-scaling behavior
    • - Now have better aim
    • - Now shoot faster when their target is closer

What are your plans for the "Minecraft" 1.5 Redstone Update? Is there anything you wish Mojang would have added/removed to "Minecraft" on Wednesday?

Leave your answers in the comments section!

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