Jaide World Star Hip Hop Fight Goes Viral On Twitter: Watch The NSFW Bully Beatdown!

By Melissa Siegel on February 1, 2013 11:29 AM EST 0

WSHH fight
Two girls got into a locker room fight that has gone viral on Twitter. (Photo: Video screenshot)

The video of a girl named Jaide getting beat up in her school has gone viral on World Star Hip Hop.

The locker room clip begins with one girl named Jaide calling another girl a "b****." Jaide then gives some fake punches and starts calling the other girl out. Another girl even comes in to measure exactly how close the two girls are to each other.

The second girl then snaps, and epic punching and hair-pulling commences. And just when it looks like the fight is over, the second girl starts punching Jaide once again and asking Jaide to fight her.

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Jaide then goes to the mirror after the fight to assess the damage. She starts arguing with her sparer once again, which leads to more punches being thrown. Jaide gets smacked in the face several times, including one time when Jaide did not appear ready. Another off-camera girl then said that Jaide had to "get her" after this punch, though the video cuts off before we can see whether Jaide listens to her friend.

Already the video has gone viral on Twitter, with the name #Jaide trending Friday morning. Someone claiming to be the Jaide in the video has already created a Twitter account, where she has (possibly jokingly) threatened to beat up several of her followers.

"Okay, I finally made a Twitter, I admit, I did lose in that fight..." she wrote. "But look at me now? I AM FAMOUS J"

Several others have taken to the social media site to react to this Jaide fight video.

"My initial reaction after watching #jaide... off-the couch laughter... then extreme sadness... then ultimate confusion," - @BrennonKeys

"Fight Rule #3 If you lose don't walk around like u won especially if u lost convincingly #Jaide" - @Smooth

"Everybody betta chill on #Jaide we don't want one of her friends makin a video cryin nd shii sayin "LEAVE HER ALONE!" llagrn" - @KiNG_OFDIAMONDZ

"That chick that got pulled out her house and dragged down her porch is kinda jealous of #jaide right now," - @Gadimus_Maximus

"Lmao I haven't seen people talk this much about #jaide since Amber Cole lol" - @theykiltkenny

You can watch the full Jaide WSHH fight video here.

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