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Facebook Phone Reveal: What Surprise Does Mark Zuckerberg Will Unveil On January 15?

By Amir Khan on January 9, 2013 12:04 PM EST 0

Facebook is holding a secret meeting on January 15 (Photo: Reuters)

Is Mark Zuckerberg about to reveal the Facebook phone? Rumors are growing that the Facebook phone reveal date is coming, and fueling those rumors is a secret meeting scheduled by the company for next week. Facebook sent out invites to several journalists, inviting them to Facebook's normally secret Silicon Valley HQ, and telling them to "see what we're building."

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This potential Facebook phone reveal date, occurring on January 15, will without a doubt be a significant announcement, according to IBN Live, as Facebook rarely opens up their headquarters for press announcements.

The Facebook phone, rumored to be built by HTC, may have some of the brightest minds behind it, as the company recently poached engineers from Apple, presumably to help build the Facebook phone, according to the Daily Mail.

In what may be preparation for the Facebook phone, the social media giant is preparing to launch a roll out of a new phone feature to its messenger app on the iPhone. The new feature would allow users to make free VoIP calls to any Facebook friend.

While the big Facebook reveal may not be the Facebook phone, several signs point to Mark Zuckerberg tackling the mobile phone market. Would you buy a Facebook phone?

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