Rusty Colbert: 'The Colbert Report' Host Stephen Colbert Briefly Loses Identity After 24 Days Off-The-Air [VIDEO]

By iDigital Times Staff Reporter on January 8, 2013 1:58 PM EST 0

Stephen Colbert told his viewers not to search 'Rusty Colbert' in Google, but some of them haven't been listening. (Photo: / thecolbertreport)

Don't search the words "Rusty Colbert" in Google warned cable television superstar Stephen Colbert during his first day back on the job at the "The Colbert Report," the show that he's hosted for nine seasons. Although he and his crew were only off the air for 24 days, lots has happened in the world, and for any avid fan, television just hasn't been quite the same.

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Stephen Colbert spent the first few minutes of his return to "The Colbert Report" noting the things he was able to catch up on while he was away from work. He mentioned that he finally had a chance to go to the bathroom now that the presidential election ended. He also mentioned that he spent time catching up with his lovely family, who remained unidentified. Then, Colbert directly addressed the audacious critics accusing him of losing a step during the time away from the camera.

"Even though I've had more than three weeks off, I am happy to say, 'Do not worry nation,'" said Colbert. "I am not Rusty."

Colbert stopped to think a minute.

"Am I Rusty?" he asked himself.

"Rusty Colbert," he says out loud, as if trying to determine whether itsounds right. He decides to search the term "Rusty Colbert" in Google on his new iPad Mini.

"Oh!" he said. "Do not Google 'Rusty Colbert.'"

Of course, the short bit on "The Colbert Report" caused a surge in Rusty Colbert sightings across the internet -- best known as The Colbert Bump, the increased attention brought to any topic that "The Colbert Report" has on anything featured on the show. There's already a Twitter account, a hashtag, Google Plus account and even a Yahoo Answers page dedicated to the fictional name.

To check out the Rusty Colbert bit on "The Colber Report," click the video below:

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