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Sara Jay Knockout In WSHH Video: NYC Fight From New Year's In Times Square Goes Viral [NSFW]

By iDigitalTimes Staff Reporter on December 18, 2012 8:27 PM EST 0

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Sara Jay Knocked Out! World Star Hip Hop (WSHH) video from New Year's in NYC goes viral online. (Photo: WIkipedia)

Sara Jay was knocked out in Time Square, NYC on New Year's Eve, and video of the epic blow that KO'd the adult film star has gone viral online after being posted to World Star Hip Hop (WSHH). Watch it here or below:

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The video of Sara Jay getting knocked out in New York's Times Square on New Year's already has over 820,000 views on World Star Hip Hop after being posted just yesterday to the site, which is best known for showing street fights, Hip Hop music videos and adult content. On WSHH the video was posted with the following caption, "P*rn Star Sara Jay Gets Knocked Out In NYC!"

WSHH's video of Sara Jay appears to come from Tru TV and features a narrator as well as some slow motion instant replay of the knockout punch. In it, we see almost a million people crowded into Times Square in NYC to watch the ball drop on New Year's Eve where "there's barely enough room to move."

Moments later, Sara Jay shows up in a cab and begins yelling at people to get out of her way so the driver can get through the New Year's crowd.

"Get the f**k out the way," we hear an angry, and considering the time of the incident possibly intoxicated Sara Jay scream repeatedly from inside her taxi.

"We're not going anywhere," responds a member of the crowd.

Sara Jay, who Tru TV refers to sarcastically as a "super genius" then gets out of the cab and begins to push a large man standing in front of the taxi as she tries to "beat back the mob on her own." However, "where she pushed one woman to far the real fireworks get started."

A woman in a purple jacket delivers a knockout punch to Sara Jay's face while holding a lit cigarette in her mouth. Sara Jay falls to the ground in Times Square NYC and then appears to run back to the safety of her taxi while "Miss Punchy" disappears into the crowd. Tru TV also notes that Sara Jay's taxi driver appears pretty happy, possibly began the cab's meter is still running.

Sara Jay has ignored the knockout video, refusing to comment on the viral video on her official Twitter account. The closest she's come to commenting on World Star Hip Hop's post is in a tweet from just minutes ago when she wrote, "Feelings are very complicated things sometimes," possibly referencing the devastating knockout she experienced on New Year's.

But that hasn't stopped hundreds of Twitter users from commenting on Sara Jay's knockout on the social media website.

"Sara jay shouldve stayed in the cab," tweeted @patron_king81.

"Oowwwh s**t Sara Jay gets knocked the f**k out brah brah," tweeted @JustJayh.

"How can sara jay get knocked out LOLOLOLOOLOLOLOOLOLLLOLOLOL," tweeted @Fo_Astros.

"Lmao. So they got a video of Sara Jay getting knocked tf out on WorldStar. Lmao..." tweeted @MoTrulyBlessed.

"Lmao Sara jay the p*rnstar got knocked out in New York haha I just saw this," tweeted @ReyNickNerio330.

"Just watched Sara Jay get her a** laid the f**k out on WSHH," tweeted @PVSH_OZ.

"Sara Jay really was on some Ludacris "Move B***h" shit... And ole girl had enough.. Socked her in the face AND didnt lose her cigarette LMAO," tweeted @klew24.

"That video of Sara Jay getting punched in the face just made my day," tweeted @skribble197.

"P*rnstar sara jay got KOED in times square in NY lmfaooooo," tweeted @STEEZEsteven300.

"Shorty duffed out Sara Jay while takin a drag on her Newport. Gotta be from BK," tweeted @HILHolla.

"Sara Jay got floored you know," tweeted @LIVA_GOTTA.

"Sara Jay got knocked out. Lmao. She threatened to spit on somebody, I wouldv'e knocked her a** out," tweeted Trxp Lxrd.

"That chick knocked out sara jay tho.... Good lawd..." tweeted @aMANUTDfan.

"Waiiit, there's a video of Sara Jay getting ko'd in Times Sq? Comedy," tweeted @ChiefKen.

"Sara jay got knocked out in nyc," tweeted @RELLOSWAGGA.

"That Sara Jay video is hilarious. That lady had her cigarette in her mouth like Leonard Washington," tweeted @LINZself_made.

"My Gawd I just saw that Sara Jay video and I just hollered!!!!" tweeted @DatDudeEasy.

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