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Student Punches Teacher: Fight Video Filmed In Palm Beach Florida School Goes Viral On WSHH [NSFW]

By iDigitalTimes Staff Reporter on November 19, 2012 10:55 PM EST 0

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Student punches teacher: Florida school fight video goes viral on World Star Hip Hop. (Photo: WSHH screenshot)

Video of a student punching a substitute teacher at a public high school in West Palm Beach, Florida has gone viral online (like these before it). Watch it here via World Star Hip Hop:

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The 22-second long video was shot on a cell phone before it was posted on Facebook by an unnamed witness who was likely a student along with the title, "Bol only at Palm Beach Lakes smh..." The event took place at the Palm Beach Lakes High School.

Yesterday, the Florida fight video was posted on World Star Hip Hop (WSHH), where it already has almost 800,000 views.

The video begins with the unnamed student, and substitute teacher, who has been identified as other students on Facebook as Mr Smith or "Smitty," in the middle of a heated argument.

The student then shoves the teacher before throwing a wild punch that appears to connect. The teacher then tackles the student, and chases him around the classroom while attempting to punch the student. The video ends once the student runs out of the room.

The fight video was quickly posted on Facebook, where it continues to be shared on commented on. Earlier tonight, Bossip called it their "video of the day," and titled it "No Curriculum On This?: Teacher Punched By Student And Attacked [Video]"

According to WPTV Channel 5, the substitute teacher has been fired and the student expelled. Nat Harrington, a spokesperson for the school district, sent a statement to WPTV, writing, "The incident is being investigated, and no report or further comment is available since the investigation remains open."

WPTV also spoke to several of the West Palm Beach students who said they knew the teacher, and were shocked to hear about the fight.

"A teacher should, you know, stand up for himself, but not to go on ahead and you know. I'm speechless right now," high school senior Darrel Phillips told WPTV.

Phillips added that most students though positively of the substitute teacher.

"He was the type, you got along with him," said Phillips. "I mean, I don't understand why somebody wouldn't get along with him."

His friend, Brandon Rucker, seemed to blame the student for the fight.

"It's just like, to see a kid, someone like that step up to someone," Phillips," Rucker said. "First of all you should have respect for that man. I know I would have."

WPTV also said they spoke with parents earlier today as school let out. Apparently the school failed to alert parents about the fight, frustrating many of them.

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