The sizzle reel for the rest of Arrow Season 5 is epic. So many things happened that we had to watch in slow motion to catch them all. One thing off the bat is there’s no sign of Captain Boomerang, who is also locked up at the same ARGUS prison Deathstroke is in. Second, where the heck did Vigilante go? Looks like the writers may be saving him for Season 6.  There's also a suspicious Olicity moment that better be from the flashbacks. 

Anyways, there are five episodes left and the final one is called, “Lian Yu,” which explains why a lot of the trailer takes place on the island.  Here’s everything we learned.

1. Adrian Chase has been MIA for a week and is picking off Team Arrow one by one

2. Yao Fei in the green hood

yaofei Yao Fei is back for flashbacks. CW

3. Kovar back to life (thanks to Malcolm Merlyn)

oliverflashbackskovartorture Malcolm Merlyn saved Kovar's life in Russia about five years ago. Here, he's probably torturing Oliver for attempting to kill him. CW

4. Cody Rhodes vs. Wild Dog at 1:08

codyrhodesarrow Stardust is back. CW

5. Mr. Terrific has some crazy lasers

mrterrificarrowseason5 Mr. Terrific isn't the best fighter, but he's got cool gadgets. CW

6. Please be a flashback. Please be a flashback.

olicityarrowseason5 Oliver and Felicity get locked in the bunker together and we get to find out why they broke up. Please let this not be in present day. CW

7. Malcolm Merlyn returns, surprising Oliver in the Arrow bunker.

malcolmmerlynarrowseason5 The Legion of Doom is over on 'Legends of Tomorrow' and Malcolm Merlyn is returning to 'Arrow.' CW

8. Black Siren locks up Quentin Lance

blacksirenquenitn Black Siren, probably working with Prometheus, takes care of Quentin. CW

9. Talia al Ghul takes on Dig at 59 seconds

talialghularrowseason5 What is Talia al Ghul's true agenda? CW

10. Nyssa Al Ghul returns and tells her sister, “We have unfinished business.”

nyssaalghul2 Why do Nyssa and Talia hate each other? CW

11. Felicity is doing her own thing. “We are not on the same side, John. I am on the side that’s going to put Chase away.”

felicityarrowseason5 Felicity is betraying Team Arrow. CW

12. Artemis is back

aretemisarrowseason5 How the hell did Artemis get on team Prometheus? CW

13. Kovar and Oliver fight on the island in the flashbacks

kovarandoliverontheisland Kovar is key to this whole mystery. CW

14. Anatoly gives Oliver a hug goodbye, and it looks like he’s dropping him back on the island in the flashbacks.

anotolyoliver It looks like Anotoly is dropping Oliver back on the island? Maybe this is where Season 5 links up with Season 1. CW

15. Oliver asks for Deathstroke’s help

oliverdeathstroke Oliver is bringing Slade his costume. CW