"Arrested Development" season 5 or movie news is becoming more and more likely, and everybody is now unofficially on board. It's increasingly just a matter of time, negotiations, and timing -- and Hurwitz deciding on the structure. "Arrested Development" season 4 ratings were very strong for Netflix, and they're clamoring for more, as are most fans. Chances are, everything will be official sooner rather than later. [UPDATED: It's true]

Probably most importantly, Netflix is on board for "Arrested Development" season 5 (or movie? That would be a harder sell). That's a change from an earlier position that "Arrested Development" season 4 would be a one-off. And despite the difficulty in getting the cast back together, Netflix isn't taking not optimistic it can be done for an answer: they are hugely impressed with the ratings, have first rights to any more "Arrested Development" seasons or movies (but do they retain animation rights?), and generally love the show. They're even still promoting the show, like this video they just posted today:

And Mitch Hurwitz is on board for "Arrested Development" season 5 as well, but the creator claims to have learned a lesson (perhaps thanks to J. Walter Weatherman): Hurwitz isn't going to keep teasing us for years and years with the promise of new content. For the moment, Hurwitz has no timeline for any further development -- chances are Hurwitz is still on vacation, and we know from the AMA that the creator doesn't have a format preference -- but will share a date when there's a date to share. So expect "Arrested Development" season 5 or movie news to be in radio silence for a while.

And the cast is generally on board too, although that will likely be the biggest sticking point in the eventual "Arrested Development" season 5 or movie deal. That's not because they don't want to do it, but because many cast members are, you know, busy. It proved a bit of a problem in "Arrested Development" season 4, and is the biggest argument in favor of an "Arrested Development" movie rather than a season 5: movies can shoot around the stars' television commitments. A second TV show can't.

As for the "Arrested Development" season 4 reviews, which have been all over the place, Hurwitz won't let that affect "Arrested Development" season 5 -- or the creator's own self-esteem. As Hurwitz told TVLine,

I try to have a pretty open attitude about it... Everybody wants to be loved all the time, [but] it's not realistic. It's certainly not realistic if you're going to be ambitious in terms of changing the form. There are risks either way. Had I done the exact same show I did last time there'd be blowback to that.

And it's true: "Arrested Development" season 4 reviews often overlooked how the show was trying to do something new. It wasn't the same TV show. It wasn't even a TV show anymore. It was something new altogether.

And that's why the increasingly likely prospect of an "Arrested Development" season 5 or movie is so exciting. Hurwitz pushes genre boundaries. The first three seasons did it, the fourth season did it, and sooner or later, the fifth will do it as well. Maybe by that time, people will be able to handle it.