The Apple TV 4 unfortunately cannot pair with two different Apple TV 4 Siri remotes, meaning that the Apple TV 4 does not support multiplayer gaming using multiple Apple TV 4 Siri remotes.

However, if you’re a household with multiple iOS 9 devices, it is possible to play multiplayer games on the Apple TV 4 using an iOS 9 device with a game app that has Apple TV 4 multiplayer functionality built into it.

Crossy Road is one such example of a tvOS and iOS 9 app that can support cross platform multiplayer support.

To enable multiplayer mode on Crossy Road, you will need to download the Crossy Road game app on both your Apple TV 4 and iOS 9 device. Then, open Crossy Road on your Apple TV 4. Navigate to the character selection screen, and then scroll all the way to the left for access to the multiplayer mode.

If you don’t have any characters unlocked, you will need to unlock at least one before multiplayer mode becomes available. This only takes a couple games if you haven’t done this yet.

Finally, open up Crossy Road on your iOS 9 device and tap the arrow that appears on in the bottom right of your display screen. Then, tap on the icon that looks like a video game controller. After a couple seconds, the iOS 9 Crossy Road app and the Apple TV 4 Crossy Road app should be connected and either P1 or P2 should appear in the top right corner.

If Crossy Road multiplayer doesn’t seem to work or want to connect, try force quitting the Crossy Road app on both your Apple TV 4 and iOS 9 device, and then reopen the apps.

If you’re not sure how to do this, here’s a guide with multiple tips for the Apple TV 4. On an iOS 9 device, simply double tap the home button and swipe up on an app window to force close the app.

If you’d like to try out another multiplayer game on tvOS, try Push It, a “modern day twist on Pictionary that turns your Apple TV into a games console,” according to the developer, Red Wind Software.