One of the most awaited gadgets of the year, the Apple iPad Mini is all set to be unveiled on the 17th of this month, according to sources. The gadget has every potential of becoming one of the best tablet computers in the "low cost tablet computers" segment.

This is surely something to look forward to by the people as ever since the launch of the new iPad by Apple, rumor mills have been constantly flooded about the launch of a "Possible iPad Mini". The iPad Mini is supposed to mark the entry of Apple into the budget Tablet pc segment. The iPad Mini is slated to be priced competitively which will make it take up the tag of a budget Tablet PC.

ExecDigital reports that the iPad Mini was in fact not preferred by Apple's iconic CEO Steve Jobs and was contrary to his thoughts about the reduction of the screen size in future iPads after the original iPad was launched.

Since the price of the iPad Mini will be made to comply with budget Tablets pricing standards, many Tablets which are currently ruling the "Budget Tablet PC" segment are likely to be hit. This will also mean stiff competition among these gadgets. By looking at the overwhelming response the new iPad received post its launch, the same thing can be expected of the iPad Mini as well.

The Google Nexus Tablet which is currently available in the United States is being seen as a potential revenue generator in the low-cost, budget Tablet PC segment. It has found acceptance from people because of its sheer features and compact nature. Its app compatibility is also a thing to look out for. Now with the potential entry of the iPad Mini, stiff competition can be expected between the two wonderful Tablets.

Even the Amazon Kindle Fire has done well in this segment of the gadget market. It might be due to its price tag which is $199. Industry insiders predict the iPad Mini's price tag to hover around the $200-$300 mark. This price tag is slated to be justified considering the fact that Apple always provides the latest and the best features to people. In sync with this, various new features can also be expected in the iPad Mini.

No final word is available regarding the technical specifications of the iPad Mini as of now, but there are widespread rumors about the screen size and other features which haven't been confirmed of late.

Thus, at this juncture we can only say that the Apple iPad Mini has all the potential to create a revolution of sorts in the digital world, but will this "Digital Revolution" be bigger than the storm created by the new iPad. Only time will tell.