Are the December 21, 2012 Apocalypse and "Gangnam Style," PSY's KPop mega-hit directly connected? According to a controversial Nostradamus prediction, if the song hits 1 billion views on YouTube the world win end.

Right now "Gangnam Style" has almost 950 million hits, and if the rate of views doesn't slow down in time PSY could easily hit a billion by the 21st, plunging the world into apocalypse. That is according to an alleged Nostradamus prediction that's getting a lot of buzz online even though it's clearly fake.

Before delving into why PSY is the devil and "Gangnam Style" is the theme song to the apocalypse we recommend that you hit play on the video below and then read on to get the full Armageddon experience.

The crazy line of thought that suggests PSY's "Gangnam Style" is intrinsically connected to the coming Apocalypse, which was originally predicted by French prophet Nostradamus. The controversial European seer made a lot of different predictions during his lifetime in the Middle Ages, describing September 11 terrorist attacks, Hitler ad Hurricane Katrina (among other tragedies), hundreds of years before they occurred. Of course, Nostradamus also had plenty to say about the end of the world.

First off, here's the alleged Nostradamus quote that some people are using to connect the dots between "Gangnam Style" and he 2012 Apocalypse:

From the calm morning, the end will come when of the dancing horse the number of circles will be nine. - Nostradamus, 1503

Don't see the connection to KPop superstar PSY? Well, let us explain. Firs, a quick translation that may blow your mind: Korea means "calm morning" country in English. Moving on, if you're familiar with "Gangnam Style" in the slightest you know that PSY's signature dance move in the music video is horse-back riding-inspired.

So we know that Nostradamus is talking about "Gangnam Style," but what does "nine circles" mean? Well, as we noted earlier, PSY recently beat Justin Bieber for most YouTube hits on a single music video, and has since racked up almost 950 million views. If "Gangnam Style" reaches a billion hits we'll see nine zeroes (circles) in a row, an unprecedented moment in internet history that might just bring about the Apocalypse!

So there you have it. Game over. The Apocalypse is coming and we can all look forward to endless torture post-Armageddon at the hands of Satan PSY in KPop hell. But wait, not so fast, what if we told you that the Nostradamus quote was 100 percent fake?

Do even just a tiny bit of research online and you'll find that this Apocalyptic quote has never before been attribute to Nostradamus before. Even worse, the French prophet is believed to have been born in 1503, and we seriously doubt that he was predicting the end of the world or even speaking in full sentences when he was still a baby.

Don't worry though, because we've found a back-up Nostradamus prediction that ties the 2012 Apocalypse to "Gangnam Style" just for you. After digging through the French prophet's oeuvre we found proof that Nostradamus really did know PSY would be the one to bring about Armageddon:

The great queen, upon seeing herself vanquished,

Will exibit an excess of masculine courage;

On horseback she will ride totally unprotected,

Pursued by swordsmen; an act of outrage!


Wow, looks like Nostradamus really hated horseback riding. Alright, time to analyze. Who's the "great queen?" Well, PSY vanquished Justin Bieber so it might be the "Baby" singer. Then again, the queen could also be a number of other pop stars, including Madonna, Lady Gaga, or even Rihanna. If any of these singers does the "Gangnam Style" dance it could trigger the Apocalypse, and uh-oh, Madonna has already performed with PSY onstage!

It looks like the cards may be stacked against the world here. Either way you look at it the Apocalypse may be unavoidable. "Gangnam Style" will definitely hit a billion views by December 21, 2012, and how long ca Bieber resist going Gangnam Style himself?