Anonymous, a hacker activist (hacktivist for short) online collective is best known for hacking the websites of oppressive corporations and countries as well as their constant game of cat and mouse with the FBI and government organizations around the world. That may be about to change.

Recently Anonymous hackers have found a way to show off their lighter side, using the music streaming website, an online community where users take turns DJing in theme or genre based virtual rooms. A hacktivist oriented room called AnonFM was created recently and quickly became one of the most popular destinations on

"Missed the show in #AnonFM? It's on Soundcloud | ... | but what did 1,350+ look like:," tweeted @YourAnonNews, an unofficial Twitter representative of the hacktivist collective with over 850,000 followers.

Listen for yourself right here:

AnonFM may just be Anonymous' biggest success to date. The Turntable room may have broken records on it way towards become the largest room on the website.

"Oh hi - I just moderated the biggest event in Turntable.FM history and worked with #KnifeParty. #AnonFM ...," tweeted #AnonSean.

So what do Anonymous hackers have to thank for skyrocketing them to Turntable fame? None other than Australian duo Knife Party, a dub step and house DJ team made up of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen.

One writer for music news-site was lucky enough to experience the event, noting that they were "raging out in the comforts of our own home, logged on to"

Here's more from djz:

But today's impromptu surprise set from Knife Party in the #AnonFm room turned out to be the biggest showing to date. There's plenty of talk across the boards about Knife Party's new song "Play Gloves" off their upcoming EP, the special "Internet Friends" Rob Swire VIP remix, and "Clever Title Deadmau5 Would Use". #AnonFm will never be the same and is still recovering how rad things got. So don't miss out next time around or else you will die of shame!

[Photo by @DJNCC1]