NBC just won't give Ann Curry a break it seems after first firing her as "Today Show" co-anchor with Matt Lauer in the spring of 2012, to now refusing to let her out of her contract, though Anny Curry begs NBC to release her.

It seems, though NBC had placed little value on the former "Today Show" anchor Ann Curry, others don't look upon her quite so disdainfully--in fact this is the reason Ann Curry is begging to be released from her NBC contract. According to the Daily Mail, CNN has offered the former "Today Show" co-host a spot as the main attraction on their 8 p.m. time slot. This position has been held by the notable Anderson Cooper who has worked with CNN for over 10 years in broadcast news.

Of course getting an offer like this must be a confidence boost for the not-so-long-ago ousted Ann Curry still, it seems she must remain tied to NBC regardless of the fact she wants to leave. Apparently, Ann Curry's contract holds her back from accepting any news anchor jobs for two years if she quits her current position with NBC. This is why Ann Curry now begs NBC to release her from her contract take this highly desirable position with CNN.

Unfortunately though, it looks like NBC will continue to be a thorn in Curry's side. They are well aware of how much Ann wants to leave NBC for the CNN spot, but according to a source for Radar Online,

"NBC bosses have indicated they are unwilling to release Ann from the contract. If Ann was to just quit, there is a non-compete clause, which would prohibit her from working for another news outlet for two years."

Still Ann Curry's lawyer is not giving up yet, arguing the manner in which she was fired from the "Today Show" in was contrary to her contract terms by NBC.

'Ann's lawyer feels that there is a very strong case to be made that NBC has breached terms of the deal because Curry was demoted from Today...furthermore, Ann has basically been sequestered from appearing on the network. Yes, she has been doing some work that has been assigned to her, but it hasn't been steady.'

the same source for Radar Online stated.


Ann Curry was always by far my favorite of the Today Show cast. She is as real as they come and, it is for that reason, the recently ousted Today Show co-host claimed she received the boot.

In a September interview Curry conducted with Ladies Home Journal, the ousted co-host alluded to her bosses' lack of appreciation for her personal style and speculated that it was most likely a factor in her firing.

"One day I wore a multicolored dress and someone asked if I was trying to be Toucan Sam. But I chose it because I thought, this will perk up America. I'm encouraged by my bosses to wear these ridiculously high-heeled shoes because women say, 'I love your shoes!' So if it makes women happy, I'll wear them. But I'm still going to be me... I've tried to wear clogs and flats on TV and it hasn't gone well with my bosses."

Her bright clothes, however, were not the only thing the former co-anchor refused to give up. Curry also refused to dye her hair as others of her "certain age" chose to do.

"I've decided not to buy into the idea that I want to stop aging. My wrinkles connect me to my family, to my ancestors and to my future. This is how my father looked when he was my age. I've got cellulite because it runs in my family. I've got gray hair because I won't dye it."

Unfortunately, in the world of plastic faces, phony smiles and practiced laughter there was no place for women like Ann Curry. As a result, in June of 2012, long time followers of Curry were shocked to find she was leaving NBC's popular Today Show and being relegated to a less visible position.

NBC News president Steve Capus explained the demotion as a fault of Curry's, stating that her heart "just wasn't in it".

"I think it was not where her real passion was...in her heart of hearts, I think she would admit that. I think her real passion is built around reporting on international stories. It's tough to convey a sincere interest in something if you don't possess it. We live in a HD world. Dan Rather used to say the camera never blinks. Well, this is an HD world now, and the camera picks up everything. And you could tell with her, you can tell with any anchor, whether they're into it or not. And I think we've now come up with a role that will play to her strengths...We gave her a year to prove herself, and ultimately we came to the conclusion that she had played at the highest level she could... When you're in the major leagues of our profession, you've got to continue to be at peak performance in order to stay there."

It didn't take long however for the "Today Show" producers to realize what a mistake it might have been to thrown Ann Curry out so quickly, particularly after the debacle Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer made of the Olympic opening ceremony coverage, earning them mass criticism across the globe.


Ann's lovely face has resurfaced from time to time on the "Today Show", still, rating have slumped and moral has weakened amongst the staff. Things have gotten so bad it's even rumored that Matt Lauer's position may soon be in jeopardy if the show ratings don't begin climbing soon.

Though NBC may have been hoping to patch things up with Ann Curry after firing her from the Today Show, I have to say honestly, I think that ship has long sailed. As Ann Curry now begs NBC to release her from her contract, my hope is that they'll wise up and let the lady go on to bigger and better things. It's too bad they couldn't realize what they were losing, but there is no way NBC can win any good favor from viewers if they refuse to release Ann Curry from her contract to move to the CNN spot.

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