As most people are now well aware, Angus T. Jones who plays Jake on the CBS hit "Two and a Half Men" is not too pleased with the sitcom. A video of the 19-year-old star calling the show "filth" and encouraging viewers to stop watching has begun circulating the web, prompting many to wonder how much longer we'll be seeing Jones on screen.

As TMZ reports, Angus T. Jones has yet to quit "Two and a Half Men," and the execs at the show have yet to fire him after watching the video. The situation with Jones has become a waiting game, as the news site reports that the sitcom actually has a scheduled rehearsal Tuesday morning. Will Jones show up ready to work? Or should creator Chuck Lorre begin looking for another replacement like he did with Ashton Kutcher for Charlie Sheen?

If Lorre and the "Two and a Half Men" execs do decide to bid adieu to Jake we decided to give them a hand with the replacement search. Check out five faces we would like to see star alongside Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer on "Two and a Half Men":

Christopher Mintz-Plasse

The "Superbad" actor looks a lot more like Jon Cryer than Jake ever did. At 23-years-old Christopher Mintz-Plasse can play Alan's long lost half brother...Evelyn Harper is definitely a busy lady.

Kodi Smit-McPhee

Kodi Smit-McPhee is definitely an up and coming star. Headlining "ParaNorman" and nailing his role in "Let Me In," the 16-year-old would be a great replacement for Jake. Smit-McPhee could be a troubled teen that Walden takes in or maybe even a girlfriend's son.

Tucker Albrizzi

We can just replace on Jake with another. Tucker Albrizzi played Jake on the Disney series "Good Luck Charlie." Close enough for me.

David Spade

David Spade is 48-years-old (so he doesn't exactly fit the 'half' part), but for some reason he just seems like a good "replacement" actor. It kind of worked when they brought him into "8 Simple Rules" and I'm sure he has plenty of time in between filming "Rules of Engagement" (Didn't even realize until now they were filming new episodes...thought that show was just playing reruns).

"That 70s Show" Cast

Alright, we know the whole cast of "That 70s show" isn't exactly a person...but we would really love to see Ashton Kutcher reunited with Fez, Donna, Hyde, Jackie and Eric again.

Who would you want to replace Angus T. Jones on "Two and a Half Men?"

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