It makes sense that Green Throttle Games would imitate established console controllers with its Bluetooth analog Atlas controller. After all, Green Throttle recently released the Arena app which allows users to connect their Android device to the TV, which, when combined with the new Atlas controller, makes Android gaming possible in a living room setting. Green Throttle is gunning hard for the console gamer market, launching Arena as a direct challenge Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo's console dominance.

What is surprising is just how similar the Atlas controller, custom-built by Green Throttle, is to the Microsoft Xbox controller. In fact, they're almost identical. Check out the slideshow (top right) to see the controller comparisons.


Can't see much of a difference? Don't feel bad. They're virtually identical, aside from the logo. Green Throttle might wise to imitate the Xbox controller. after all, rival Ouya controllers resemble Playstation's. However given that Green Throttle seeks to have Android gamers play on the TV perhaps they would be better served by copying the Wii's innovative motion controls? Imagine playing Fruit Ninja by hacking at your TV screen.

Game Throttle does desire the hardcore gamer market, so perhaps the Xbox inspired controller will prove compelling for the console gamer. Green Throttle clearly believes that it can, they've expanded device compatibility to all Android devices running ICS (4.0.3) or above. Perhaps soon all of us will be using the Atlas for our Android gaming.

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