"American Horror Story" season 3 premiere news: we've got a date! And that date is Wednesday, October 9, 2013. Just in time for it to get totally awesome by Halloween. The third season of "American Horror Story" is called Coven, and it sounds like the craziest one (and it has the best cast) so far - good enough that it got me to start watching the show, which I'm doing right now (too bad the season 2 DVD isn't out yet, and it's not on streaming). Yea, that's right, I'm still on "Murder House." Sorry. Look at it this way: That's how excited I am about "American Horror Story: Coven." You should be too.

The information about the "American Horror Story" season 3 premiere comes via IB Times, which dug up the info from SpoilerTV - along with the first three episode titles. The October 9, 2013 premiere is called "Bitchcraft" - and yessir, we do like that. The second episode on October 16 is "Boy Parts," which we like less, and the third (October 23) is "The Replacements," which is... not particularly illuminating. Well, that's OK. I'd give a lot to know the Halloween episode title, but hey, soon enough, I suppose!

In case you don't know much beyond the "American Horror Story" season 3 premiere, here's the deal with "Coven." It's set in New Orleans, tied with Salem, Massachusetts for the scariest city in the country (no, I don't have a source on that). And it features a bunch of witches who moved to New Orleans from Salem after the witch trials that zero of them were actually caught in. The season will be split between the modern day - that's 2013, in case you're a ghost (sorry, spoiler warning) - and the 1830s. It's unknown whether the Bell Witch will be in it, but I bet you anything we'll meet Marie Laveau, the 19th century centenarian known as the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans.



We know a lot more about "Coven" than just the setting and the "American Horror Story" season 3 premiere, though. We know the themes. In a word, "family." Not modern family. Not infidelity. Just family. Also witches. And, according to the most least reliable source of all, one of the central conflicts will be between witchcraft and voodoo. How can you not get into that?

As for the cast, the "American Horror Story" season 3 premiere has got a doozy. Jessica Lange is there, of course. Taissa Farmiga is back. Sarah Paulson is in it. Frances Conroy is back; Dylan McDermott is gone (booooo). And then we've got a trilogy of great female stars. Gabby Sidibe in a yet unannounced role. The amazing Kathy Bates as Delphine LaLaurie, a New Orleans serial killer (Kathy Bates as a serial killer? Are you freaking out yet?). And Angela Bassett as Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans.

Remember when I said I'd bet you anything Marie Laveau would be in it?

Looks like I win.