So, "American Horror Story" season 3 episode 7 streaming news time! If you've come this far, I know you're committed: you've seen all of "Coven" up until now, and you're not about to give up. Well, my babies, you're in for a treat: "The Dead" airs Wednesday night at 10, and if you're looking for legal streaming, I got your answer. If you want free streaming, well, not so much. UPDATE: The Thanksgiving episode.

Anyway, here's the "American Horror Story" season 3 episode 7 streaming news: first up, 'The Dead" is right in the middle of the most intense part of the season - or at least I can't imagine it getting any more intense - and it's not really one to miss. This one may be the calm before the storm resumes, but still, we're in some pretty heated stuff right about now. Here's the official description of "The Dead," via FX, and the official teaser:

Fiona finds new purpose in a dangerous love affair. A night out with LaLaurie leads Queenie to question her place in the Coven. Cordelia makes a fateful decision about her mother.

A dangerous love affair? Excuse me? That right there is a reason enough to pursue "American Horror Story" season 3 episode 7 streaming options. Unfortunately, those are limited. The official "American Horror Story" site has some pretty good clips and extras ("The Magic of the Minotaur," anybody?), but clips are just clips. I don't think it's possible to get excited about them. Episodes, the people demand episodes. FX, unfortunately, is in a spat over streaming rights, though. If they offer them on their site now, or on Hulu, Netflix will pay substantially less for them later. So they're holding on for those more valuable rights, with the result that nobody can actually see "Coven" right now. Seems pretty counterintuitive. Does anyone even have a TV anymore?

Okay, okay, here goes: For "American Horror Story" season 3 episode 7 streaming, you have exactly two legal choices and exactly zero free choices. You can buy it on iTunes or buy it on Amazon Instant Video. Either way, you can buy it by the episode or by the season; at this point, you may as well switch over to buying it by the episode if you're caught up so far. Granted, Amazon and iTunes have big benefits: the output is HD, TV quality, and looks really good, and you don't have to wait too long for it to get posted. And if you can't spare $2 for an episode, well, you have a pretty bad chewing gum habit, since that's the only thing left in the world that costs less than $2. If you simply won't spend $2 for an episode, well, I understand that.

Wish I could be more helpful; thanks to the streaming fight, those are really the only "American Horror Story" season 3 episode 7 options. If you know of any others, let me know in the comments. In case you want to watch it on that TV that you don't have, "American Horror Story" airs tonight (Wednesday) at 10 PM / 9 PM, and it will be really good, if you manage to watch it.