"American Horror Story" will be pulling out all the stops with only six episodes remaining in its second season, "Asylum." To get viewers in the holiday spirit, the FX mini series will be airing a special Christmas episode, "Unholy Night," this Wednesday, Dec. 5.

After a disturbing seventh episode with the Dark Angel taking multiple lives, "American Horror Story" has no plans on letting up on the blood bath, as episode eight promises to unleash a "murderous Santa" on Briarcliff.

According to a synopsis posted on DreadCentral.com, besides a terrifying Old Saint Nick, "Unholy Night" will have Sister Jude facing off with the devil while Dr. Arden has a "shocking" encounter in the death chute.

"The Christmas episode is a very interesting episode because when we were plotting out the season I really wanted to do a Christmas episode because I always thought, based on my research, that 1964 was a very interesting year in terms of the secular and commercial," co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed to Entertainment Weekly.

But will the holiday spirit end the bloodshed at Briarcliff? While we can't be certain, a preview of the upcoming episode makes it appear that a couple of the characters may have their lives in jeopardy.

Sister Jude

"Unholy Night" will find Sister Jude returning to Briarcliff after discovering that Sister Mary Eunice has been possessed by the devil. While we are well aware of what the devil is capable of doing, Sister Jude also has to fear guest star Ian McShane who is running around Briarcliff as the psychotic Santa. According to Murphy, McShane's character was "victimized so badly in prison that he made a psychotic break and decides he's Santa Claus and he knows who's been naughty and who's been nice."

"You left me in a hole to rot," the dangerous Santa appears to be telling Sister Jude. "I'm here to open my present."

So will Santa cut open Sister Jude in episode eight? Lily Rabe, who plays Sister Mary Eunice, revealed to Vulture magazine that she and McShane "do some really evil things together," so we're afraid no one is safe.

Dr. Arden

Dr. Arden seems to realize that Sister Mary Eunice is far from the innocent nun he thought she was.

"I can't be babysitting a deranged nun," Dr. Arden is heard telling someone in the preview for "Unholy Night." Since it doesn't appear that Arden will be playing by the devil's rules, he may find himself at the mercy of Sister Mary Eunice when he has a "shocking encounter in the Death Chute."


Last week Lana was able to escape from Dr. Thredson before he decided to (kindly) murder her. But after telling Kit she knows what really happened and is going to get help, she'll be paid a visit by Thredson. Will Lana get help before Dr. Thredson murders her? Or will Bloody Face be killing Lana within Briarcliff's walls?

Do you think someone will die in episode eight, "Unholy Night?" Watch the preview for the upcoming "American Horror Story" episode below: