'American Horror Story' Season 2 had its fourth episode air last night, and spoiler alert: though our theories for how the night would go tended towards Bloody Face killing Sister Jude (which didn't happen, obviously), we were surprised to see that Bloody Face wasn't in the episode-- even for a second. His absence, and the fact that Kit's faith in himself has been rocked to the core, has us asking ourselves: who is Bloody Face, and why did he kill all those women?

Here are 5 theories as to who Asylum's favorite serial killer, Bloody Face, really is.

Warning: here be spoilers. If you're allergic to spoilers, go sit on your hands or get caught up. American Horror Story: Season 2 has been truly captivating so far. It's one Asylum you won't mind staying in indefinitely.

Theory 1: Wendy Peyser, Played By Clea DuVall, Is The Serial Killer

Sure, we may have seen Wendy Peyser being murdered by Bloody Face a few episodes ago, but as last night's episode proved, just because we're seeing something on American Horror Story doesn't mean that what we're seeing is true. Season 2 is all about delusional people, and we've been shown things that haven't actually happened. Take last night, when it was revealed that Grace was actually the one to kill her family after we saw, through her eyes, a murdered hacking them to pieces.

With that in mind, it's safe to say (in that anything's possible right now) that Clea DuVall's Wendy Peyser could still potentially be Bloody Face, imagining her own murder to allow her to go on a crazy killing spree.

What could've prompted her to do it? Lust, perhaps. Or guilt over her sexuality and her betrayal of Lana-- which, as we've seen, was treated like any other mental condition some fifty years ago.

Theory 2: Aliens, Played By CGI, Are Bloody Face

It's very possible that Kit is right-- aliens put on the Bloody Face mask and were the ones that did this to all those women. From what we've seen so far, these aliens don't look like the friendliest creatures around. In the first episode of American Horror Story: Season 2, we saw the aliens slicing Kit up and putting that arachnoid microchip inside of him. That doesn't bespeak heightened intelligence or benevolence-- it reminds us of Dr. Arden's terrible methods.

But spoiler alert: as far as theories go, it's safe to say that it's probably not going to be the aliens. After all, Kit insists that it is. We'll probably see the young man vindicated, but chances are the aliens are after something else. Although what, exactly, they could be after is still anyone's guess.

Theory 3: Bloody Face Is One Of Those Creatures Dr. Arden Is Feeding

Spoiler alert: We've seen Dr. Arden and Sister Mary Eunice feeding a herd of terrifying creatures in the woods. The creatures appear to be cannibalistic in nature. It's altogether possible that one of those creatures could be American Horror Story: Season 2's notorious Bloody Face killer. If this is the case, then it's altogether possible that there is more than one Bloody Face who is going around killing women.

But based on the fact that we haven't met one of those creatures yet, it's safe to say that Bloody Face won't be one of them. After all, there'd be very little in the way of payoff were that the case.

Theory 4: Kit Walker, played by Evan Peters, is Bloody Face

Ah, Ryan Murphy, you love giving poor little Evan Peters the burden of your storytelling. Whereas last season, his acting chops weren't quite up to the task of playing Tate, this season, he's hitting it out of the ball park as Kit Walker. And if the writers have a sadistic streak, then it'll be confirmed that Kit is rightfully imprisoned as Bloody Face, the serial killer that skinned his wife, Alma, and ripped off her head.

Dr. Thredson's explanation to him as to why he could have done it really got under his skin, and in a scene that could see Evan Peters getting an Emmy nomination, his breakdown in front of Sister Jude was truly heartbreaking to watch. We hope that the answer to who is Bloody Face is anyone but Kit Walker, but we're happy with this compromise: aliens were controlling Kit remotely via that microchip, and using him to study the anatomy and biology of earth's women without anyone realizing they were there.

But we refuse to believe that Kit was the one to do this.

Theory 5: Dr. Oliver Thredson, played by Zachary Quinto, Is Bloody Face

Spoiler Alert: We think this theory is the one that'll hit home at the end of the season, or whenever it is that they confirm who Bloody Face is (after all, Season 1's GIMP identity was revealed halfway into the season). Dr. Oliver Thredson has everything he would have needed to perform his killings. He can move in and out of the asylum, he has access to all of the files on the prisoners, he's an upstanding member of society, he had Lana's picture of Wendy last night-- all signs in American Horror Story: Season 2 that we've had so far really do point to Zachary Quinto being the man in the human skin mask.

What's his motive? Who knows-- maybe a struggle with his repressed sexuality. After all, Season 2 really has been making a point about sexual transgressions, taboos, and societies marginalization of the homosexual.

Who do you think Bloody Face is? Let us know in the comment section below.

And for the record, we ruled out Dr. Arthur Arden because-- come on-- that's a little too obvious.