Episode 11 of "American Horror Story" is only a few days away...but we are already DYING to know what happens in episode 12! Thanks to SpoilerTV.com we don't have to wait until Wednesday evening to discover what dark twisted things that are in store for the Briarcliff inmates the following week!

Before we dish out the juicy scoop on episode 12, "Continuum," lets look at what fans can expect this week when episode 11 airs on Wednesday, Jan. 9. The episode, titled "Spilt Milk," will find Grace bringing Kit some "devastating" news about his missing wife, Alma. Since Grace was up with the aliens, it appears that the "devastating" news will have to do with them and their mysterious experiments. Episode 11 will also find Dr. Thredson receiving an "unexpected visitor," and the Monsignor will be forced to go to "extreme lengths to silence Jude."

With the drama of episode 11 out of the way, what can "American Horror Story" fans expect from episode 12, "Continuum?"

SpoilerTV.com released the following teaser statement:

"A deadly new inmate threatens Sister Jude's chance of release from Briarcliff. Grace's obsession with the aliens turns violent."

Could the "deadly new inmate" possibly be Dr. Thredson? Since a trailer for "Spilt Milk" shows the real Bloody Face encountering Lana (with a gun) outside of Briarcliff, one theory could be that the reporter finally got the serial killer locked up.

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