"American Horror Story" fans have only one more day to wait until Dylan McDermott's guest stint on season two.

McDermott, who played Dr. Ben Harmon in season one, has been teasing his appearance in the second season of the FX mini-series for weeks. With the big day a little over 24 hours away, the actor has taken to his Twitter to give fans more exciting peaks at the horrifying plot line to come.

"12 12 12," McDermott tweeted on Monday of the quickly approaching date. He followed up the post with another one, simply stating, "I'm coming!"...along with a spine tingling image of a spray painted skull.

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Just two hours ago McDermott left "American Horror Story" fans with one more photo. A little more frightening than the first, the picture shows McDermott in character as modern day Bloody Face. Wearing a black tank top with a black leather apron over it, McDermott is covered in what looks like multiple snake tattoos.

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"Come to Papa!" he tweeted along with the photo. "'Bloody Face' is waiting for you!"

A preview for the upcoming episode shows McDermott playing the opposite of his season one character. As a psychiatrist in the L.A. Murder House, McDermott's new season two character is now sitting in the opposite chair, talking to a doctor...and looking very disheveled.

Besides the introduction to modern day Bloody Face, episode nine, "The Coat Hanger," will also find the Monsignor taking "an improbable convert under his wings." Judging by this picture that "American Horror Story" co-creator Ryan Murphy posted on Twitter, we think we have a pretty good idea who that "improbable convert" is.

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You can catch Dylan McDermott on episode nine, "The Coat Hanger," when it airs on FX at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 12.

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