Nothing in "American Horror Story" is what it seems. This season has had twists and turns at every episode ... which leads us to wonder ... Is Dr. Thredson really the father of modern day Bloody Face?

Dylan McDermott's modern day Bloody Face, Johnny, hasn't had much screen time. During the few episodes that featured him, "American Horror Story" fans learned that Johnny has some serious mommy issues and that his father had a pretty deadly reputation. According to Johnny, his father was Bloody Face.

Viewers immediately believed Johnny to be the son of Lana and Dr. Thredson ... but what if he isn't? The past couple episodes of "American Horror Story" have had the birth of not one ... not two ... but three babies! While one baby did belong to Dr. Thredson, the other two belonged to Kit ... the once accused Bloody Face. Is Johnny really Dr. Thredson's son ... or is he actually the son of Kit? Let's look at our options:

1. Kit And Grace's Baby- Kit and Grace's baby, Thomas, was introduced to the "American Horror Story" community in episode 11, "Spilt Milk." The baby was named after Grace's grandfather, and the new mom finally revealed to Kit what happened when she was taken by the aliens. Grace explained that she felt like she was being torn in half when the aliens were putting the baby inside her. She continued telling Kit that he's special and that their baby is special as well.

"People will listen to him," Grace explained. "He's gonna change the way people think."

Obviously a lot had to go wrong in modern day Bloody Face's life in order for him to turn into the killer he is today. Although Grace and Kit look happy with their new addition, it has to be recognized that Grace IS an axe murderer and that she lied to Kit about his wife Alma being alive. It's possible that after discovering Alma, Kit could drop Grace and the baby like a hot potato. Grace could then fold under the pressure of being a single mother and abandon her son ... turning him into modern day Bloody Face.

2. Kit And Alma's Baby- Little is known about Kit and Alma's baby because viewers just found out he existed! Although the show previously gave viewers a glimpse of a pregnant Alma, fans believed Grace when she told Kit that she died while with the aliens. They're not "perfect," she had told Kit about the aliens ... but was she lying ... or did she really believe Alma to be gone? Whatever the case, Grace was just as surprised as the rest of us when they walked into Kit's old home to see Alma inside with Kit's baby. Will seeing Kit with another woman drive Alma into abandoning her baby ... and will that baby end up being a killer?

3. Lana And Dr. Thredson's Baby- While Johnny did say he was the son of Bloody Face, the reason why we're doubting the relationship is because that plot line just seems "too easy." Episode 11 did have Lana give birth to her son, but she requested that the nurse keep him away from her. However Lana did finally hold her son after the newborn refused to stop crying. Lana had previously ended up caving and not having the abortion, so it's possible that she'll also decide to hold onto her son as well, giving him a loving environment to grow up in.

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Who do you think modern day Bloody Face's parents are? Sound off in the comments section below!

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