Dish Network customers got a bit of bad news recently regarding their television programming. Dish Network recently dropped the popular cable channel AMC, because, according to Dish, the price of carrying the channel was increasing rapidly. However, AMC has said the reason for dropping their channel was a current lawsuit the two are involved in regarding a breach of contract in a distribution agreement.

Whatever the reason, its clear that the true losers in this deal are the Dish Network customers. With Dish Network dropping AMC, approximately 14 million viewers will be unable to watch popular and critically acclaimed shows like "Breaking Bad", "Mad Men," and "The Walking Dead." In an effort to alleviate the difficulties that this has caused many Dish customers, AMC has decided to stream tonight's highly anticipated premiere of the final season of "Breaking Bad."

In a statement, AMC said "Every cable, phone and satellite company other than DISH carries AMC and its popular programming, including "Breaking Bad," "The Walking Dead," and "Mad Men," in their basic package. AMC wants its loyal DISH viewers to experience the excitement of the "Breaking Bad" premiere at the same time as their friends and neighbors, and we want to give DISH customers an extra week to switch providers so they can enjoy the rest of the season."

By bypassing Dish Network and choosing to stream their content online for specific users, AMC shows they'll are putting the customers first and will continue to do so. However, don't make them out to be such a saint yet. AMC is only offering the first episode of Season 5 of Breaking Bad, and are actively telling viewers to change cable providers. On the website where Dish users can register to watch the premiere (, they continually endorse Dish customers to seek other cable providers to ensure that they'll be able to watch their favorite AMC shows, and inviting customers to contact them to see if other cable providers are offering any promotions to switch from Dish.

In this battle between AMC and Dish, AMC has managed to take the upper had by using the Internet to bypass cable providers that refuse to display their programming and bringing their loyal viewers to different cable providers. In an era where cable is already in jeopardy by services like Netflix and Hulu, AMC proves the power lies with network, not with cable providers.

DISH subscribers can register right now for access to the live stream at Breaking Bad premieres tonight, July 15th, at 10pm EST.