Amazon resumes may be the new LinkedIn! In this trying economy, many are struggling to find jobs and the means to support themselves. So, people are getting creative! They are using computers for more than just writing out resumes on Microsoft Word but actually taking to media-outlets to shine light on their expertises.

One of these computer creative job seekers is Philippe Dubost. Dubost is a web product manager currently located in Paris, looking for travel for his next position. Or so his amazon page/resume says.

His savy page lists off his skills in addition to making himself look wanted by posting "Only 1 left in stock - Order soon".

Dubost has replicated his resume to every last aspect of an Amazon page including the ads.

Clever, Dubost. Very clever!

His resume has received so much traffic that he had to switch to hosting services.

Whoever hires this creative web programmer will certainly be in for a technological treat! Just make sure that when you order him, you give him breathable packaging.

Here's a list of other creative resumes (To see the pictures click HERE):

1. Melissa Washin who had her resume sewn in fabric

2. Eric Gandhi who has his resume pop up on Google when you type "creative+hard-working+talented+excellent designer+unique+autodidactic+etc... Google then suggests "Did You mean: Eric Gandhi?"

3. Benjamic Dooling who had his resume posted on craft-paper bags filled with locally-roasted coffee.

4. Shakira Twigden who caught eyes with her typographic resume.

5. Brian Moose who had his resume in vintage form trying to land a job at Pixar Animation Studios.

6. Miguel Rato put his resume on a milk box and sent the cartoon to companies.

7. Victor Petit had his resume speak to you.

8. Mike Freeman gets straight to the point and allows one to "Book a meeting" with him. You get a handshake, a business card, and a resume at the end of your meeting.

9. Kristian Leigh Walsh created a board game resume.

10. Kelly Kinney created a resume t-shirt company!