Keep your vowels, Sajak. One amazing contestant only needs an "L" to get the job done.

Caitlin Burke had an amazing Wheel of Fortune win two years ago, solving the phrase "I've Got A Good Feeling About This" after guessing JUST the "L." Here's the video of her amazing Wheel of Fortune win, which quickly became a viral sensation on YouTube.

Burke's amazing "Wheel of Fortune" win is once again getting some viral juice after people started comparing her savant-esque puzzle solving ability against an epic fail. Here's the video of the fail that is making people feel smarter.

The amazing "Wheel of Fortune" win looks like genius. The "I Have The Wine" guess makes it look even smarter. But, in case you happen to be the woman who is currently experiencing a nationwide dose of shame, there are other contestants who make your epic fail look like an amazing "Wheel of Fortune" win. This guy is an example.

Not surprisingly, the Internet is full of tips for potential contestants from devoted fans. Here's some tips from fan forums and how to-sites on the best strategy for bringing home the bucks if you're auditioning for the show in the hopes of securing your own amazing "Wheel of Fortune" win.

Solve the prize puzzle at all costs. 90 percent of the players who advance to the bonus round do so on the value of the trip awarded as part of the prize puzzle. Even if you have no money, if you get the puzzle right, you get the trip.

If possible, try to take an early lead. This will result in the other two players taking more chances to get more money before solving the puzzle, which increases their odds of hitting the bankruptcy/Lose a turn space on the wheel. Conversely, if you fall behind early, don't be stupid and keep spinning to try to make up lost ground. An extra $300 isn't going to help you if you lose the $3,000 you earned up to that point.

Prior to going on the show, research phrases associated with the theme of the show. One of the fastest finger puzzles normally relate to the theme.

During the "time's up" final puzzle, don't guess vowels. You get nothing for them, and if you don't get the puzzle, the other two contestants now have a leg up.

A, H, D & C are the most-commonly used letters in the English alphabet. Stay away from Q, Z, X and V.

There you have it. A little bit of strategy to help you achieve your own amazing "Wheel of Fortune" win. In the age of YouTube, you definitely don't want to screw up and be immortalized as the guy who doesn't know how to pronounce "Philbin."