It should be no surprise by now the iOS 6 Maps App is terrible. We all understand why Apple decided to get rid of Google Maps in order to offer its own version to iOS users, but the results have been overwhelmingly negative. This is made even more apparent thanks to a tumblr called "The Amazing iOS 6 Maps."

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The "The Amazing iOS 6 Maps" tumblr was created today and already shows some hilariously terrible 3D rendering, businesses located in rivers and even outing a Martian living down the street from someone. It first snagged its images from Twitter, but now it looks like it has a steady stream of contributors from various social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Apple has yet to comment on how the public has been reacting to its iOS 6 Maps application, but we're sure the company will announce an update in the very near future as this is something that cannot be ignored. Until Apple can gets its act together and update its Maps application to something that's more usable, enjoy the hilarity as iOS users share their apparent frustration with Apple's Maps application.