Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: APPL) still hasn't confirmed the existence of the next generation of its flagship mobile device, unofficially dubbed the "iPhone 5," but that hasn't prevented some of the nation's most credible organizations from reporting on it. Now, it appears that there's yet another reason to believe that the iPhone 5 release date will be coming before the end of the year.

Apple is offering its customers up to $345 for iPhone 4S devices in good condition through its recycling program. For customers with iPhones that would like to consider trading in their device, they can see exactly how much they'd earn by visiting the Reuse and Recycle website. On the website, users will be able to select the model, color and condition of the iPhone 4S by using the wizard. The website will then generate a price that it believes your iPhone is worth. The 64GB iPhone 4S in great condition will earn customers a whopping $345 just weeks before the iPhone 5 is rumored to be released.

The iPhone 5 release date is reportedly scheduled for September 21. The first report came from TechCrunch, one of the most credible technology blogs in the country, who cited a reputable source from Verizon that had confirmed company-wide imposed vacation days. The report speculates that Apple would announce the iPhone 5 on September 12 and then release the device just a few weeks later.

Although the price of the iPhone 5 has not been determined, previous iterations of the phone have cost roughly $599. If that's the case again, a solid $345 toward a new phone would help any loyal Apple fan that wants the latest and greatest version of the phone.

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