Emojis have come a long way – they have gone from icons used as supplements in conversations to a symbolic icon that can speak a hundred words. As such, it comes as little surprise that app developers have turned to creating emojis where they find a deficit. Take 'Memoji', which turns your face into an emoji, or 'Introji', which lets introverts express their complex emotions.

Now, Swedish ad agency Dogwash has unveiled a new app – called Advertising Emojis, – which has every icon that anyone working in the advertising field would need. For instance, there are over 50 icons of famous ad awards from the prestigious Cannes Lions to the renown Clio awards.

But the app is not limited to those working in advertising – with an abundance of famous pop culture icons, any user can get a kick from the diverse emoji. "For your everyday texting with your creative partner," says the Advertising Emoji website. "Or just for the love of advertising."

The Old Spice man riding the white horse, for example, is available in emoji form, as are Mad Men’s Roger, Peggy and Don. Other fun emojis include: a glass of champagne, an American Express card, a social media collage, an iPhone, a DSLR camera, and a Darth Vader emoji.

You can catch the emojis in action in the app's promotional video: