Okay, here it is folks, my official favorite cute and cuddly YouTube find of the day.

"Puppy Teaching Puppy To Go Down Stairs" or "Dog Teaces Puppy" as reddit named it, is so adorable, you'll find yourself needing to watch it again and share it with all of your friends. The perfect Facebook video post on a lazy Friday afternoon is this one, which features a 6-month-old lab mix rescue pup which is going about the task of teaching an 8-week-old foster pup from the Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue in Winnipeg, Canada, to go down the stairs. It seems the little pup shimmied her way up the stairs quite confidently, but once she got there she had no idea how to make her way back down.

This is when the older and wiser rescue pup comes to the rescue. In the video we get to watch as the older puppy teaches the younger puppy how to make it down the stairs successfully, coaching and prodding its protégée to success.

The pup throws out a cautious paw a time or two and seems to commit herself to that leap of faith necessary to land on the next step.

At this point Simon, the name of the older Manitoba Mutts rescue dog comes to the younger pup's rescue, showing her it's not that hard to go down the stairs.

To begin, the puppy tries to teach the other puppy by darting up and down the stairs several times, in hopes the younger sibling gets the idea.

When the puppy still doesn't seem to get it, the older puppy heads in for a second attempt at a downward stairs movement. Heading to the top of the stairs, though older pup as if really intent on instruction takes a very slow step downward, darting his eyes all the time between the stairs and his pupil as if to say, "See how it's done?"

The pup, encouraged by the quick lesson, manages to get her front paws down the first stair but then, when left by her teacher begins to whimper and soon retreats back to the top of the stairs.

At this point, the older puppy teaching the younger puppy seems slightly exasperated and runs up behind the young pup and somewhat grabs it by the scruff of its neck in attempt to nudge it towards success. The younger pup runs down the hall and while the older chases after letting her know the lesson is not over.

At this point Simon head to the stairs for one last attempt at teaching the puppy how to make her way down the stairs and this time around. And success!