Adam Sandler may been known for his crazy angry rants on set, but now it seems he's taking them off set, aiming his pent up rage at none other than his loyal fan base! Well I guess that's one way to get some publicity about your latest flick!

As if being killed off by Twitter this week was not enough, it seems Thursday, the star was found losing his temper on the Massachusetts set of his latest movie Grown Ups 2 at which time he proceeded to point his car in the direction of a fan who was hoping to capture a photo, and head full throttle in her direction.

Denise Kodes, a 46 year old Massachusetts resident, told the full story to RadarOnline yesterday.

"Adam was filming scenes from Grown Ups 2 near my home, and he refused to give me his autograph. So I decided that I wanted to get a picture of him...As I was just about to take it, his car sped towards me and made me drop my camera. It broke instantly, and I didn't get a shot."

Yikes...that's kind of rough. Enough to turn me off of Adam Sandler movies for life...that is if I had ever even enjoyed watching them....

What's even crazier, though, is that, despite this aggressive treatment the day prior, Kodes was still determined to get that coveted photo.

And so, donning yet another new and flashy camera, the long-suffering loyalist made her way back to the set.

Here's how Kodes said it went down:

"The next day, armed with a new camera, I decided to go back to the set because I wanted a photo as a keepsake. When Adam saw me he went ballistic. He said I had to leave and angrily asked why I didn't get the picture the day before. I told him about the broken camera and said I don't know why he's so mean to his biggest fan. He then barked, 'Fine, take the picture already.'"

Why are you so mean to your biggest fan? Hahaha! I am not sure way but this just kills me.

Somewhere in the distance I can hear the violin music as tears roll down the disillusioned Kodes' face.

Sounds like something straight out of a movie. An Adam Sandler movie.

Sandler is seems is not in the slightest bit remorseful for his blatant distain for his "biggest fan". In fact, later that day, Kodes' husband decided to confront the seething star, but this is what he said happened:

"[Adam] knew who I was because he asked me where my better half was. Despite that, he never apologized and just thanked us for watching his movies. I was stunned."

Now, granted, movie stars should be more grateful for their admiring fan base, particularly a washed up water boy like Sandler, but what I wonder is if there might not have been more to the story than we know. Maybe the outburst was due to all the fuss over his death on Twitter, or maybe this fan did more than just "try to get a photo". It's really hard to know. At any rate, what are your thoughts about this latest celebrity mini scandal?

Is it enough to turn you off Sandler for life, or are you, like Kodes, still one of his "biggest fans"?

Is Sandler's aggressive act enough to turn you off for life, or are you, like Kodes, still one of his "biggest fans"?
Yes - completely done with Sandler
No - Still one of my favorite funny men
Who really cares! There's a lot more important things happening in the world right now!

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