The 2016 presidential election candidates have many analysts buzzing in with their predictions for who will run-- even if Florida, the final state in the most recent election, hasn't even been called yet at time of writing. Though there are no hats in the race as of yet, and though we concede to the fact that a front-runner can emerge from straight out of left-field, it's still safe to say that making predictions isn't entirely wrongheaded. After all, with the exceptions of Herman Cain and Jon Huntsman, one could have predicted the shape of the 2012 Republican primary-- including its front-runner-- as early as 2008. And with many asking themselves if Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Joe Biden, Paul Ryan, Elizabeth Warren, and others still will run for president, we decided that we would take an in-depth look at the shape of the 2016 Presidential Election by making some educated guesses with the candidates. Here's an in-depth look at who will run for president in 2016, even though we concede that anything is fair game at this point.

Will Hillary Clinton Run For President in 2016?

Hillary Clinton's chances as a presidential candidate in 2016 are, perhaps, the safest prediction that many are making right now. After all, Hillary Clinton's tremendous achievements as U.S. Secretary of State under President Obama-- and the fact that she was the most popular politician in the entire world at one point-- means that she has some seriously strong odds.

Granted, she's spoken lately about being tired of politics, but if she plays her cards correctly, we could see her gear up in two years for a run. Fans of Hillary felt vindicated by Obama's drop-off in popularity in mid-to-late 2011, and will feel, more than ever, that their vote comes with the added bonus of being proven right five years ago.

As politics go, everyone wants to pick a winner. It's about the strongest way of ensuring that voters show up in the voting booth.

Who stands in her way? It's our belief that, at this point, only one Republican candidate has what it takes to beat her-- and he believe that he'll be defeated in the primaries. The one opponent she really has to watch for is the next person on our list.

Biden His Time

Gaff-prone Joe Biden stands as strong a chance as any for being the Democratic candidate for 2016. Though he lacks Hillary Clinton's star-power, he'll certainly make up for it with his exposure for the next four years-- especially if Hillary Clinton makes good on her expressed wishes to retire.

Once again, we could see a very bitter Democratic Primary involving Hillary Clinton that sees her picked off before she gets a chance to compete in the Presidential Election.

Why do we think Biden stands a better shot at winning the primary if he runs for president in 2016? Two words: Obama's endorsement. Unless there's serious animosity between the President and his right-hand man, Obama will either have to endorse Joe Biden and campaign for him or keep silent during primary season.

Once again, we'd see Hillary Clinton up against the Obama machine, and we all know how that went last time.

Will Jeb Bush Run For President in 2016?

Potentially. But right now, all that Jeb Bush has going for him is the fact that people expect him to run. That's worth something, but it's eclipsed by the very real desire for the other candidates to run. In spite of his last name being synonymous with what many on both sides agree to be everything that is wrong with this country, Jeb Bush is still a very safe choice if you were placing a bet on predictions for the 2016 presidential election candidates.

But What About Marco Rubio?

Marco Rubio's chances at a 2016 run seem more fixed at this point. At the 2012 RNC, Marco Rubio's speech was the absolute best of the bunch.

He's youthful, he's charming, he's handsome, he's well-spoken, and he's Latino. That last distinction is especially important, given the prediction that Texas will become a swing state by 2016. If, due to an exponential rise in Hispanic voters, Texas does become a swing state, Latino candidates will become more valuable to both parties. And since Rubio was already valuable to his party, it will look less like a pander if the party does choose him.

Even if he's not the Presidential Candidate, we can probably expect to see him somewhere on the ticket in 2016.

Could Paul Ryan Run For It?

Some people seem to think so. But Paul Ryan was placed on the ticket not just to double-down on Romney's commitment to the conservative approach to fixing our economy, but to gain Catholic voters that would lead to a win in Pennsylvania and Ohio. This election, Paul Ryan proved that even as a vice-presidential candidate, he wasn't up to the task. And the fact that his allegedly anti-senior citizen economic policy scared a lot of people in Florida won't help his chances any, either.

But It's Pretty Much Certain That Chris Christie Will Run For President in 2016, Right?

He absolutely could run for President, and if he makes it out of the primary season, he could very well win it all. Moderates like Chris Christie. Undecided voters like Christie. People in the tri-state area applaud his leadership. He did a remarkable job during Hurricane Sandy. And most famously, he reached across the aisle and worked with President Obama during the hurricane. That move speaks to a bright future of bipartisanship within a party that has turned their backs on it over the past four years.

Why, then, aren't we so sure in our prediction that he'll be the presidential candidate in 2016? Because Chris Christie will also have to win the primary. And with Chris Christie looking like he betrayed Governor Romney during the most vital hour of his campaign, you can guarantee that the other candidates within his own party during the primary opposition will be using that "turn-coating" as a talking point in 2016.

Chris Christie probably won't make it out of that alive, but if he does, he stands the strongest chance of winning moderate and undecided voters in Ohio and Florida. There's also a chance that his home-state of New Jersey could go red.

Fingers Crossed For Elizabeth Warren

Though I'm as big a fan as any of newly minted Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, it's tough to say how she'd do on the national scale. We'll see how the next four years go for her, and if she can become the hero of working class America that her constituency believes she can be.